Yoga Therapy - How Yoga Teachers Can Facilitate Health and Wellness with Yoga Therapy

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Yoga is not just a form of exercise but it is most effective way to enhance your physical, mental and spiritual health. The Yoga therapy is a kind of exercise or yogic technique that yogic used to systematically address physical injury, pain or mental and emotional stress or trauma. You may surprise to learn that yoga therapy is not the ancient like yoga practices- begin in India from almost a century ago.

Yoga therapy is a holistic approach that involves on the curative principle of the individual. Yoga therapy involves exercises like yoga posture, breathing exercises, meditation and guidelines to treat a wide verity of mental and physical health. It can be practiced in a wide range of formats. Physical therapist often implements yoga therapy techniques in their delivery of massages and other treatment.


Yoga therapy is different than traditional yoga classes and help to alleviate many health issues. It is lead by teachers who have been specifically trained to work with people with a range of health condition. The tools used in this therapy include postures, breathing exercises and meditation.

Yoga therapy is good for those people who suffer from mental health problems. Problem such as depression, anxiety, stress and insomnia are amongst the common reason for individuals to seek treatment with yoga therapy. Yoga helps one to relax their, slow down the breathe and focus on present. Many yoga teacher training programs has been conducted in your city which you can join and enjoy its benefits.

Benefits of yoga therapy

The potential benefits of yoga therapy includes relaxation of mind and body, lower down the increased blood pressure, improve breathing, reduce depression, and improves your spiritual and mental health. The main goal of yoga is to achieve the harmony of mind to create sense of self confidence, well being, feeling of relaxation, improved efficiency, lower irritability and an optimistic outlook of life.

Improved flexibility

One of the first and most obvious benefits of yoga therapy is loosing of muscles and connective tissues surrounding the bones and joints. Continue practice of yoga improves flexibility of your body. During yoga practices the joints are taken through their full range of motion, squeezing and soaking the area of cartilage not often used, bringing fresh oxygen and nutrients to the area. It helps conditions like arthritis and pain.

Increased blood pressure

Regular practice of yoga helps to increase the level of hemoglobin and red blood cells in your body which allows more oxygen to the body cells. It helps to provide the fresh oxygen to your body cells and enhance their function. Many studies show that yoga helps to slow down the resting heart rate, increase endurance and can improve the maximum uptake and utilization the oxygen during exercise.

Decreases stress

Yoga breathing and meditation exercises helps to reduce stress, promote healing and enhancing the quality of life for patients. Yoga is not a cure of cancer but with regular practice it increases physical, emotional and spiritual wellness and bring about certain peace of which cancer patients requires. Stress has a negative effect on immune system and can leads to physical and mental health problems such as anxiety and mental health problem. By practicing yoga regularly helps to decrease the stress and bring out the quality of life for individual.

Enhancing moods

Many forms of yoga such as breathing exercise and meditation helps to create the sense of well being and enhance your mood. It may be natural for anyone to dealing with addiction, regardless of ages and feel over healing sense of negativity. Yoga can be a best therapy for them to reduce the sense of negativity and bring a path to a sense of peace.

Reduce self- judgments

Many teen agers face the problem of self judgments. Related to the idea of being judged by their friends, family members and teachers. For those people dealing with the stress and strain of self- esteem, this can be amplified.

Reducing tension

Yoga can help to reduce tension for those people who suffers from the sense of anxiety. In time high stress we start to hold tension in our shoulders, neckjaws and elsewhere in our body. This excessive muscular tension starts to feed back to our mind and bring about the feeling of nervousness. When you start practicing yoga help to lower down the physical tension and bring out the peace in your mind.

Allows to heart to work better

If you practice yoga regularly is helps to reduce the high level of cholesterol and improve your heart rate, which allows tour heart to work better in your body. People who face heart problems can practice yoga and make their heart healthy. It reduces the risk of heart attack, improves blood circulation and provides fresh oxygen to your body cells.

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