Working Women: Set High Standards, Strong Feminine Rules in Custom Suits

by Adrian Park Custom Made Suits Designer

“The perfect woman, you see is a working woman; not an idler, not a fine lady; but one who uses her hands and her hand and her heart for the good of others”. - Thomas Hardy.

Remember: When you were a small girl who always used to step in her father’s shoes, wondering how exciting it will be when you’ll become a professional, take up a career and enter her work life. But when the time came to enter the corporate world- you realized that you’ll have to fight to build yourself and establish your identity.

And, you know what it all started with when a wife said: “You guys make my husband look so good! Can I get one too?”. Women first wore suits to imitate men in the male-dominated spaces. But in today’s corporate life, women are redefining suit in their own image. They are breaking gender based boundaries, competing hard and coming out as strong as fierce as they are.

 As you know that-“Beauty is nothing without brains”! So, for that beauty who is brainy- time to complement her personality, encourage her ambitions by getting a custom suit made. For Women's custom suits, reach out to ADRIAN PARK DELOUICE. We’re trying to create suits that are perfectly designed for women’s bodies and women’s lives.

Gone are the days when women had to compromise and get into a man’s attire to be suitable enough to lead a life that is dignified and offers her a chance to set her own rules. So ladies, is it going to be your first job? Or are you employed at a work place since years? Whatever the case is- show up at office in professional attire now!

Lady at Work: Compelling Reasons to Custom-Create Women Suits

1. The Functionality of Women Suits: Don’t you find wearing sarees, anarkali to work quite uncomfortable and boring. If yes, then it’s time to ditch those gaudy, traditional wear at least for 9 hours job.  Nowadays, many women find suit as the most practical outfit for the office.

“The whole point of work wear should be to eliminate distractions and allow women to focus on their work,” says Christeson.

2. Designing the Perfect Work wear for Women: There was a time when women used to borrow suits from her father or husband. But now femininity doesn’t needs a masculine garb to be processed. All credit goes to modern suit makers/fashion designers! They are redesigning women’s suits to make them look more feminine, fashion-forward, modern and sexy.

3. To Experiment Further: Women suits are now been given a fashionable twist. Some suits have boxy shoulders with slim waists. While, there are nautical suits with buttons throughout the blazer that is meant to be worn without a shirt underneath.  There are sleeveless suits and suits with shorts that are perfect for the summer. There are shirts that have enormous bows on the front, which peek out from under the blazer.

So, now options and styles are limitless when it comes to getting a custom made women’s suit. What’s the wait for? Be confident, look gorgeous and do not forget to try custom made suits.  

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