Why Should Your Business Implement Voice Search Optimization?

by UNIbizTEC SEO Digital Marketing Services

Nobody ever thought that a day would come when you just have to speak and ask for something, and you will get it, just like in the famous fairytale ‘Aladdin.’ Oh Sorry! If you thought you would ask for a Lamborghini and it will be out in your parking zone, then you are mistaken. We are just talking about popular voice search technology. It is one of those inventions, which we just dreamt of, and now has taken place in the market as the most commonly used digital marketing tool. It is not only easy to use but also convenient for the users, and thus, it is the fastest-growing form of online search. But, some businesses still don’t understand the benefits voice searches are providing and how it can hugely impact their growth. Let’s get our hands on what this fantastic trend means to different marketers, and why businesses should implement voice search optimization.


‘Why Voice Search? To begin with...


1.   It helps you connect with new prospects – Do you want your target prospects to abandon you because you don’t give them what they are looking for? As it is recorded that, 2 out of 5 users use voice search daily, so give leverage to voice searches that serve your audience using optimized voice content as this will help you in connecting with better prospects online.

2.   It helps in improving your overall website through SEO – It is always better to rank on top than to be on the never-visited pages. By giving relevant content along with targeted keywords that improve customer experience, voice search SEO helps in improving the overall search engine optimization of the website.

3.   It helps in immensely increasing your website’s traffic – Who doesn’t like to convert site guests to devoted customers? In case your website is generating low traffic, voice search SEO can surely help you. If you have unique content with similar keywords the user is looking for in the voice search, then you can quickly increase your website traffic.

4.   It helps in yielding higher conversion rates – All of us have used the ‘near me’ option in Google to look for a product or service we want. If your business appears at the top when people use the ‘near me’ features, you will definitely excel. This is something, which can be done through local SEO. To get conversions for your business, you can create your ‘Google My Business’ account and direct the local searches to your website.

5.   It helps you beat the competition – Tricks to reach on top can be the same; what matters is how well you manage to implement it. So, if you wish to place your business ahead of the rest, you can improve your sites for voice searches by following organic search engine optimization. Voice search generates more traffic and keeps you ahead of the competition.


‘HOW’ – if you are planning to get it done...


1.   It is better to target long-tail keywords – When people do a voice search; they act as if they are talking to real humans. They unintentionally ask more extended questions rather than short keywords. For example, while typing, you might write ‘pastries near me,’ but when it comes to voice searches, you might ask, “Ok, Google, where can I get the best chocolate pastry?” So, targeting long-tail keywords for voice search SEO can be helpful.

2.   It is better to improve your website’s loading speed – Would you like it if your visitors bounce off your page due to slow loading speed? To rank first, you need to make sure your website has a fast loading speed. Why do you think people do voice searches? Obviously, to get faster results. So, why disappoint them? That is the reason Google gives high preference to page speed when it comes to voice search.

3.   It is better to deliver conversational content – Why alienate the audience by using Shakespearean English when you can make it fun and conversational? Deliver content that sounds more human, increases the reader’s engagement, and does not have a formal academic textbook tone. Why? Because it is said that a conversational tone matches well with the voice searches.

4.   It is better to build a mobile-friendly website – What do you think is mostly done - A voice search on a mobile or a computer device? A mobile search is more popular, isn’t it? So, if you want to attract massive traffic and audience engagement for your voice optimized website, a mobile-friendly website isn’t an option; it’s a necessity.

5.   It is better to invest more in Local SEO – From getting quality backlinks from a variety of websites to getting positive reviews from your current customers, these local SEO tricks undoubtedly positively affect your business. A majority of people use voice search to look for businesses or service providers near them. So, investing in local SEO will help you go a long way.


Gone are the days when you have to pen down an essay in your diary or read the paper if you want to search for the latest happenings in and around the world. Just a shout out to Siri or Alexa can do the job. So, what are you waiting for? Once you are well versed in why your business should implement voice search optimization and how it can be done, you can start working on the same to make your website reach more users.


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