Types of Projects That Can Be Built With NodeJS Technology

by Gary Ferguson Technical Writer | Blogger
NodeJS is built on event-driven programming and is considered lightweight, scalable, fast, and efficient technology. Nodejs development services have been used globally by Netflix, Paypal, Uber, Walmart, Trello among many others. Node.js application development service can help enterprises build plausible solutions.

NodeJs is mostly used to build real-time solutions that can help enterprises and large scale organizations to enhance their business objectives and the capability to give more to their consumers without any compromises. But other than that NodeJs has its own uses and is highly used to build apps like-

Real-Time Chats

Real-time chats allow you to do the live transmission of audio, video, and text with your consumers and vice-versa. NodeJS has the right functionalities to build a real-time chat and implement server-side events effortlessly. Its event-based architecture in the WebSockets protocol streamlines a two-way exchange between the client and the server.

Internet of Things

The IoT system transfers data from devices to servers to applications to be processed and displayed to the users. Devices like sensors, beacons, actuators, or other embedded in an electronic work as an IoT network. NodeJS in such cases works as the back-end to process numerous multiple circumstantial requests and other devices on the network. NodeJS ecosystem is used in IoT applications because of its maturity. SkyCatch, Monet, Siemens Smart Grid, etc. use NodeJS.


Single-page applications work as a simple approach in NodeJS, the application here is a single page that provides the user experience as that of a desktop application. NodeJS provides a modular approach, language structure, and the same data that developers can use to develop the application. The same approach has been used with Medium, Linkedin, and Netflix.

Streaming Applications

For the application program to be executed at the user's machine, without overloading both the server or the user's computer, the app streaming allows the downloading of applications in parts. And once the app is fully downloaded it can work without a network connection. The application initiates the server if there is a need to save the data. NodeJS implementation lets the server event update the app avoiding the network traffic overhead. NodeJS manages the interface of all the editable and readable streams and can be monitored & processed. Nodejs proves to be the best for the development of streaming applications.

Real-Time Collaboration

Major software solutions look for real-time collaboration applications for various reasons like audio & video chats or conferencing, application sharing, co-browsing, editing of documents among teams, project management, and more. For such real-time collaborations, NodeJS is highly recommended as it is an event-based architecture and is asynchronous. Trello uses NodeJS as it allows a quick collaborative environment allowing users to have a representation of the app.


NodeJS allows an application to be divided into different modules for it to perform according to the business roles. NodeJS allows the development of microservices and APIs and then connects them. NodeJS in crux integrates microservices with Docker to avoid any issue between the application development and application environment.

NodeJS is known to build apps with heavy client-side rendering and data rearrangement from the client to the server. So for heavy I/O and data-driven applications, NodeJS is the best possible solution. NodeJS is backed by JavaScript, hence developers can leverage its libraries to build high-end features with power functionalities.

Real-time solutions are even more needed, analyzing the current situation the world is in. During this pandemic, we need a platform where we can jump-start everything by making way for more accessibility. This will only help the organization lead forward by becoming ready to take over any big or small projects.

Seeing the current demand, it is important to go for nodejs development services to build tech solutions. Look for an experienced Web Application Development Company that can deliver the exact product as needed. Ensure that the developers have a good experience and have delivered projects similar to the requirements.

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