Why Private Ultrasound Scans Are Popular And What Happens During The Procedure

by Olivia Clare Writter, Blogger
You have taken the pregnancy test and it is positive. You have also taken a number of home tests and chances are that you have also taken one test at scan clinics in Peterborough or your doctor’s office. Your mind is full of questions and thoughts about the spin-cycle. So, what now? One of the most important components that we all should understand when we have confirmed that we are pregnant is to get an ultrasound. You can get your Private Ultrasound Scan at Peterborough' best clinics. 
Ultrasound is great as it provides you with valuable data that you can’t get from a pregnancy test. An ultrasound scan can even be more beneficial to you if you get it from a private clinic because you are given more attention and the procedure is customized to suit your schedule, needs, and expectations. No wonder many people prefer getting Private Ultrasound Scans at Peterborough when they are pregnant. 
Why Private Ultrasound Scans are Popular?

Ultrasound scan is arguably the most popular and commonly used diagnostic procedure that is used in obstetrics. This scan is popular because it is convenient and yields immediate results. It also widely considered to be a safe medical procedure for pregnant women. Ultrasound is painless and also yields extensive results. 
You should take note that diagnostic ultrasound or DUS doesn’t pose any serious risk to any healthy pregnant patient and neither does it pose any risk to the fetus.         
What Happens during a Private Ultrasound Scan? 

So, what should you expect when you show up for a private ultrasound scan at Peterborough? During an ultrasound scan, you will be required to lie down on a comfortable examination bed or table. After that, an ultrasound scam technician will apply a special gel gently to your pelvic area and abdomen. The gel should not leave any marks on your skin or clothes because it is water-based. The gel is usually applied because it assists the sound waves to travel properly. 

Now, the technician will place a small wand, which is known as a transducer, gently onto your belly. They will then move that transducer repeatedly on your belly to capture imagers (black and white) onto an ultrasound screen. The technician performing the procedure may also take the measurements of the white and black images that appear on the ultrasound screen upon your request. 

Your technician may at times ask you to hold your breath or move a little bit as they capture the images. They will then check to determine if all the necessary images have been captured and if the images are clear or not. 

Lastly, the technician will wipe off the gel from your tummy and you can then empty your bladder if you want.           

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