Why Is Medicine for Triglycerides in Homeopathy More Effective?

by Francine Kanter Classical Homeopathy by Francine Kanter

Triglyceride is an ester that comprises glycerol and three different fatty acid groups in the body. It’s the primary constituent of natural oils and fats. However, triglycerides present in higher concentrations in the body may increase the risk of heart diseases, paralysis, and other such problems. But homeopathy has shown proven results in lowering high triglyceride levels and strengthening your wellbeing.

About Triglycerides

If you’ve been keenly observing your cholesterol and blood pressure levels, it’s equally important to monitor the triglycerides as well.

Triglycerides are found in your blood. These convert into glucose for providing you with the needed energy to do your day to day activities without causing dizziness. Triglycerides also help make your skin smooth and supple.

What causes triglycerides to be produced in increased amounts is the fat that you don’t burn, which eventually gets stored in the fat cells to start causing severe health problems. So, in short, a high carb diet where you’re consuming more and burning fewer calories is why you may have hypertriglyceridemia.

Triglyceride levels in the body must be less than 150. But anything between 200 and 500 (or above) is classified as high or extreme. Hypertriglyceridemia leads to hardened arteries, which may also indicate low thyroid levels, metabolic syndrome, pre-diabetes, and more.

Homeopathic Approach for Controlling Triglycerides

Usually, the first line of treatment for controlling high levels of triglycerides is a balanced diet that doesn’t include sugary, fatty, oily, and junk foods but fruits, vegetables, and poly/ monounsaturated fats. Rigorous exercising, yoga, and meditation again help to a great extent. Choosing homeopathy medicines is a trusted treatment for high levels of triglycerides alongside a healthy lifestyle and food habits.

The reason why medicines for triglycerides in homeopathy work effectively is because these are:

Nontoxic – Homeopathic medicines often involve no particular or harmful disposal of waste. Plus, these are FDA regulated to be termed as a green remedy for patients.

Safe to use – Besides being nontoxic to the environment, homeopathy medicines are also safe for consumption since the major derivatives of these rare plants and minerals. Medicines are anti-allergic, don’t cause indigestion, and are also harmless for infants, kids, elderly or pregnant women.

Holistic – Unlike other disciplines, homeopathy uses a holistic approach to treat triglycerides. It holds the promise to manage all symptoms with ease and safety.

Deep and gentle – Homeopathic medicines are a gentle yet complete solution for high triglyceride levels. These don’t just mask the warning signs but get deep into targeting the root causes while balancing your body’s natural healing mechanisms.  

These few reasons are sufficient to convince anyone in choosing homeopathy for effectively treating high triglycerides. The results may not be too quick, but they’re undoubtedly long-lasting.

And it’s important to note that there’s no direct remedy to control triglycerides. Homeopathy tries to understand the hidden cause of the disease and prevent it from advancing to later stages. The cure then achieved is a quality cure without having the patient to fall sick again and again. 

Try finding a qualified expert in homeopathy in Deland. They may be better able to guide you on the constitutional treatment of this condition, rather than something dependent just upon a disease-based system.

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