Why do you need an SEO to your website?

by Ravi Kant SEO Expert and SMO Manager

Seo is an activity to promote your business, keywords, products, and services online. It is basically a part of marketing and hence we call it online marketing too. Business online is nothing without its promotion. One has to make people know that your business has an existence and it provides some value to its users.

How online business generates money for you?


According to some sites like; 1), 2), 3)

Google holds more than 90% of share across the world.

Check out the full details:

    Ø  Google: 92.04%

    Ø  Yahoo 2.67%

    Ø  Bing 2.39%

    Ø  Baidu 0.89%

    Ø  Yandex RU 0.51%

    Ø  DuckDuckGo 0.38%

So, if most of the users are using Google then there is a huge chance of getting your revenue on this platform. Hence, SEO, SMO, PPC and other paid campaigns on Google gives you better results if done by professionals.


     v  Why do I need SEO?

·         Due to last longer results

·         Because of impressive ROI (Return on investment)

·         Organic search increases

·         Cheaper Method as compared to other marketing ways

·         Result oriented

·         It enhances trust between your website and users

·         Can increase the engagement of users if the right strategy is used

·         Too good for local traffic/Best for local business

·         New opportunities are always there


Last longing results

SEO is a slow way of marketing your services which may not result within 2 or 3 months. It may take 5 to 12 months, but if done in the right manner, then it will bring you a lot of traffic which is good for your business.  It would not only increase traffic but would come up with a chance of increasing your revenue. It may also rank your keyword higher for a longer duration, and then you would only need to keep that ranking stay on the top. Which means it is a long term investment and you should spend some time and money for the sake of long term business.

Impressive ROI

Every business person looks for a great return on his/her investment, but if you hire SEO services for just 2 or three months, then you are just wasting your money, if your business is going to run for a longer duration. Give at least 5 to 12 months, which will provide you best return on your invested money on SEO.

Note: No business boost at all of a sudden, it takes some time, you gotta let your prospects know that you exist. Your existence can only be found if promotion or marketing is done in the right manner.

Organic Searches

Users have a tendency of searching a keyword, service or products he is looking for. For this he/she searches in a Google, all results which come from these human-made searches are called Organic search and occupy huge importance in SEO. SEO popularizes your keyword, and when it is searched, your website gets traffic which turns to lead.

o   How do recognize it?

Whenever you search for anything or any keyword in a search engine like Google, you see some best available results which match your requirement. Apart from the paid results, all you see is organic search results. This brings genuine traffic to the website.

Cheap Cost

Unlike PPC or SMM, SEO is a rather cheapest way of online marketing. PPC or SMM allows you to promote only a single keyword at a time, but you can promote all desired keywords with SEO services. It will cost you a very cheap price and best results.

Result Oriented

SEO is done by the professionals, then it brings you the result, though it may take some time, surely give you results to the keywords promoted desired by you.

You cannot deny the fact that all those websites earning online have enrolled themselves to their SEO providers and getting the best results too.

Way to enhance trust between user and website

You cannot tie a relation between your current client, and prospects one by just creating a website. All you need is the right SEO strategy, through which you can read the reader's mind and enable a relation by providing the best services, best content, best answer, or best answer to his question.

SEO is a person, who perform lots of researches and then decide what kind of content is to be written for his reader/user. He is a person who makes a website look perfect for the users from all aspects. So, he is a person who will be responsible to create a bonding between a site and user.

Increase engagement

You cannot engage your new users by just providing some details on a website. You need to behave like a professional. SEO is a person who knows how to create engagement and what are those ways through which engagement of users increases. Using interactive content, and by proper keyword research for long term content and by crafting content with the help of lots of great catchy titles, headlines, and through some other on-page activities any Seo can increase the engagement. But do you think that only engagement in SEO is enough to your revenue generation? No! At this point, the engagement between targeted users is required which is something difficult and can only be done by SEO specialists only.

Best for Local Business

Are you the owner of Local business and want to attract your local clients to your website? Then there is a strong need to hire an SEO who has vast experience in targeting local clients or users.

More than 80% of local client use the Search engine to find the products and services to the nearest place. Having no online market is losing a huge ratio of prospects. Everyone is online, from online search to using social media, watching online videos, watching reviews before making an order, ordering a product online and many more is done through Google, Bing, Yahoo, and social media channels.

Local SEO services are comparatively cheaper as compared to National, International SEO. Most of your competitors are already online through their website as well as on social media which has been generating business for them. In order to compete for competitors, you are not just required to have an online presence through your website, but also need to be findable when searched by someone. Customer is the main key to boosting any business, so if you have no customer then how would you sustain your business for a longer term? If your presence is better than your competitor then you are ahead in all terms, what to talk of Brand name and your products, all will be popular if done properly.

New Opportunities

An updated online marketer is well aware of the keywords which may bring new clients or users to his websites. Which means once you come on the top of Google you get strong chances to get new clients. A properly updated website with regular new content is what user needs, and so does a prospect user.

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