Why Choose Bulk Printing for Your Custom T-shirts?

by Michael Sema Founder and CEO of Get A Rate

If you are planning to make only one or two custom t-shirts, then printing them out one by one is probably a better option. However, when it comes to printing a dozen or more custom t-shirts, it is wise to opt for the bulk printing method. Organizations choose to print their custom t-shirts in bulk since their production volume ranges from tens to hundreds. Similarly, people who form groups based on their common interests can get their custom t-shirts printed via bulk printing.

There are several services that offer custom T-shirt printing online, and most of them recommend a “bulk printing” option. There are multiple advantages of bulk printing your custom t-shirts. So, here’s why you should choose bulk printing for your custom t-shirts:

What is Bulk Printing?

The process of bulk printing or mass printing is used to produce large orders of printed outputs by using the same media, graphical designs, and substrates. For printing custom t-shirts, the bulk printing option is often used whenever there are large volumes of t-shirts to be printed. For example, if an organization has designed custom t-shirts for an event and needs to get them made for over five hundred of its employees, then it takes up the bulk printing option. 

For custom t-shirts, bulk printing is always a practical solution to produce customized apparel on a large scale. However, there are a few prerequisites that would qualify if your custom t-shirt printing job needs bulk printing or not. Firstly, the graphical designs should be finalized, keeping in mind that all t-shirts will get printed with the same designs. Next, you need to select the appropriate media and printing materials. This involves choosing the right dye, substrate, and fabric for bulk printing. Lastly, you also need to select the appropriate colour codes and palettes that are suitable for bulk printing. It helps you avoid variations in the colour codes between each and every custom t-shirt that gets printed.

Cost Benefits of Printing Custom T-shirts in Bulk 

Bulk printing is the most financially-feasible method of print. The more custom t-shirts you need, the lower is the cost of printing per t-shirt. For large orders, you can use the bulk printing option and save your spending. Bulk printing helps you reduce your investment in the production of customized t-shirts. In fact, it brings down the production costs by 20-30%, compared to single-unit printing. 

The standard practice of bulk printing involves the use of automation to reduce the cost. When the printing method is mechanized into an assembly line, the printing cost per unit decreases significantly. The reduction of these costs is inversely proportional to the number of units. If the number of custom t-shirts gets increased, the price of bulk printing reduces accordingly. 

How Bulk Printing Helps Your T-shirt Customization Goals

Organizations have the best opportunity to take advantage of bulk printing. A sports club can print athletic jerseys for its members at super-cheap rates. Similarly, political or ideological outfits can use bulk printing to produce their legacy uniforms. 

You can also achieve the goal of cost-effective production when you opt for bulk printing, regardless of the printing technique used. For screen printing as well as digital printing, the bulk printing option guarantees a drop in the costs. However, it is recommended to go for bulk digital printing over bulk screen printing. 

In addition to the cost reduction, bulk printing helps in promotion and marketing. Businesses can print large orders of custom t-shirts with their logos and give them away as prizes. Similarly, bulk printing saves time, which eventually helps in meeting close deadlines. When it comes to promotion, t-shirts produced from bulk printing can be distributed for free to increase brand awareness. The more these t-shirts get used by people, the more your business gets recognized. 

Basically, bulk printing of custom t-shirts is a great way for businesses to make more money by spending some money. The output of bulk printing is durable and identical, while there is a lot of freedom allowed for choosing the fabric/garment material, the design, and the colour combination. From a dozen to thousands, bulk printing services take up various types of large orders. And, they ensure that the printing quality is consistent in every run.

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