Why Buying Instagram Likes is Hurting Your Brand

by Andrew R. Researcher

If any business is looking to brand their activities and products effectively, Instagram is the first social media platform that comes to mind. This is due to the visual characteristics of the platform. People tend to relate more to what they see. This continuous sight culminates in the perception of the business. Branding is perception. What people see is what they believe, and this is why Instagram is essential to your business. 

Now, the metrics on Instagram adds to what your brand is known for. More likes and followers imply that your brand is famous, and it gives you credibility. It's not easy to build this following, but going via a shortcut is a total waste of your resources. For instance, it is very tempting to buy 100 Instagram likes, but this may be a waste of resources. In this post, we take a quick look at why purchasing Instagram likes is hurting your brand. 

People will know

Your followers will know when you buy likes, and it's only going to create a perception of you being fake in them. This is easy to understand because if the like count exceeds your follower count, you have bought counterfeit likes on your posts. For most bots and other fake accounts that you may have purchased, the account will most likely be missing a profile picture, posts, and other activity related statistics. When your followers check and discover this unusual activity, there is a sharp drop in the value they place on your brand. 

People don't follow or engage with a brand because of the number of likes; they are there for the value. Once you do anything to cause a drop in this value, it may be hard for you to build trust again. 

The Instagram algorithm will detect it.

Unusual activities have a way of falling on to the radar of the Instagram algorithm. This is because the algorithm does not expect you to experience a sudden jump in numbers. This growth is expected to be proportional. Any sudden increase in post likes is flagged, and your brand account may be suspended, purged, or banned from the platform. With this, you suffer a loss of your original followers, and it may be hard to find them again with a new account. The best thing to do for your brand is to grow organically. 

You are wasting money.

When you buy fake likes, it doesn’t have any effect on your business sales. The number of likes you have on Instagram does not determine the number of sales you will make due to the post. Bots and fake accounts generate likes. Even though it gives a false impression to your real followers, it is still not going to translate into a sharp increase in sales. 

Rather than wasting your resources on buying fake likes, it’s best to focus on the proper marketing on your product for more sales. 

Final take

There are several tips out there for growing your Instagram followers and increasing post likes. It is best not to buy fake likes. Purchasing fake likes can be damaging to your brand, and it may be tough to come back. No matter how hard it is, you should grow your IG page organically. 

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Christiansen Earlean Junior  IPTV Subscription
Amazing Post, Now, the metrics on Instagram adds to what your brand is known for. More likes and followers imply that your brand is famous, and it gives you credibility.
Jul 1st 2022 11:04   
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