Why Are Lithium Ion Batteries The Backbone Of Your Solar Power System?

by Steff A. Content Writer

Lithium solar batteries are the backbone of your solar panel system because they allow you to store power that you collected, essentially, for free. These batteries can be used around the house, and they serve as a sort of generator when you lose power. We offer solar system kits for the house that allow you to generate enough solar power to keep the family happy. Plus, we can show you how to use your solar system to improve your property or remodel the house.

What Are Your Lithium Solar Batteries Meant For?

Lithium solar batteries are meant to store power. You connect them directly to your solar panels, and they fill with power until they reach 100%. You can check the battery’s charge with your solar charge controller, and you can fill as many of these batteries as you want. Keep the batteries in the house in case a big storm knocks out your solar panels and you do not have any sunlight. Plus, the solar charge controller you bought provides you with information about your solar panels.

Lithium ion batteries could become generators for your outdoor events, or you could plug these batteries into the accessories for your RV. In a pinch, you could jump start your car using these batteries.

How Do You Use The Solar Charge Controller?

After you have checked your lithium ion batteries, you should plug the charge controller into every panel of your off grid solar system kit. The purpose of this is to check the amount of power you are getting and the temperature. Panels that are overheating should be turned off. If the panels produce too much power, they could short out of the system. Turn off these panels and call your technician for help.

What Does A Solar Power Inverter Do?

The solar power inverter connects to the off grid solar system kit where power enters the house. All the DC power from the panels much be converted to AC power. If the power is not inverted, you could short out your house. Plug the controller into the inverter to make sure it is working. If the inverter is not in good condition, you must replace it immediately. You can buy a new one, or you could have it replaced by a professional.

Are You Using Net Metering To Sell Solar Power?

Power companies buy solar power every day. These companies have invested in renewable energy, but they need more to keep up with demand. They pay you for all the extra power you created, and you can use that money to pay off your solar panels. Once the solar panels are paid off, you get pure profit every month. Think of your solar panels like an extra job.

This is why you need the charge controller. Check the panels and lithium solar batteries once a week with the charge controller. Report issues to your technician, and fix the problems quickly. You are protecting the power you get in the house, and you are protecting a new stream of income.

One More Way To Use Solar Power

When you get an off grid solar system kit, you could power small things around your property. Plug your workshop into a single solar panel. Use a solar powered water pump for your well. Use a single solar panel that hangs on a side window. You do not need to commit to solar panels completely, and you can see how much they help you save on your power bill. As you add solar panels, you will create so much power that you are not paying a power bill. You could even remodel you home and use electric appliances to save money.

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