Who Should Reap Benefits Of Orthotics?

by Jill Hunter Podiatry Paediatrics
Orthotics are shoe inserts that can be widely used by people suffering from foot ailments owing to a variety of reasons. A podiatrist prescribes a pair of orthotics post careful assessment. When these orthotics are affixed inside shoes, it helps with overall posture and bodily movement. Numerous ailments occur and advance due to bad posture and bodily movement. There are two types of orthotics one is off-the-shelf and the next is custom. Off-the-shelf orthotics are pre-moulded insole for common issues such as flat feet and RSI discomfort. Often custom orthotics are made to suit the feet of a patient and correct the biomechanics. Let’s do a deep dive into orthotics to understand what is orthotics and who should use them.

What are orthotics precisely?
Orthotics are shoe inserts that are used to treat various foot and musculoskeletal disorders. Orthotics are classified into two types:

Off-the-shelf orthotics - which are typically no more than a rubber or neoprene insole pre-moulded for common issues such as flat feet and RSI discomfort.

Custom orthotics are orthotics that are designed specifically for your feet and are used to treat biomechanical abnormalities in the feet, lower limbs, and lower back.


Why Should One Use Orthotics?
Contrary to common misconception, orthotics do much more than just give arch support – but this is about the extent of what off-the-shelf orthotics can do for you. Custom orthotics, on the other hand, are intended to raise, cup, cushion, and realign pressures in your foot. Orthotics, in this sense, are a conservative therapy for several common foot problems:

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Arthritis
  • Flat feet
  • High arches
  • Metatarsalgia
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Hip misalignment
  • Bursitis

Who Should Use Orthotics?
Any individual who is suffering from any of the above-mentioned diseases can use orthotics. But along with prescribed patients who are more likely to reap the benefit of orthotics. Having said that it does not eliminate people who are facing some minor pain due to standing for a long time. They can also use affix an off-the-shelf in-sole orthotics for easier biomechanical movement.

Orthotics for foot abnormalities:
Acute pain, chronic discomfort, and difficulties participating in sports can all be caused by genetic and biomechanical abnormalities. Even small misalignments can cause heel discomfort (plantar fasciitis), weak ankles, knee ailments, and stamina issues as a result of foot pain. Orthotics can be uniquely designed to treat these concerns by realigning and rebalancing feet to reduce stress points and restore proper foot function.

Orthotics during pregnancy:
Poor circulation and joint discomfort might result from sudden, sustained strain on your feet caused by pregnancy weight growth. Custom orthotics compensate for the additional weight by supporting and cushioning the foot. That is to say:

    • Improved blood circulation
    • Knee strain is reduced.
    • Reduced lower back pain
    • Increased walking comfort No need for special shoes

Back Pain Orthotics:
Back discomfort is frequently treated with orthotics — but for the wrong reasons. To establish the fundamental cause of back discomfort, we examine how your feet roll, how your ankles and knees move, and your hip alignment at The Foot Pod.

Through personalised orthotics that correct foot pressure/movement using a very accurate 3D laser scanning process. This gradually lengthens tight muscles, allowing them to distribute weight more evenly while wearing them and reducing back pain.

Orthotics used by normal people:
Orthotics can provide cushioning during high-intensity exercises, such as sports, minimising the strain on your back and the chance of injury or chronic discomfort. Thus, only patients don't need to use orthotics but “normal” people can also reap its benefit.

For people who say, who cares about just an in-sole, never had a pebble in their shoe. People who have minor foot or a full-blown foot problem can tell you how much a foot problem can affect your day-to-day activities difficult. Most foot ailments triggered by the biomechanic issue can be redeemed with the help of orthotics.

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