When to use Vediamo, Monaco?

by Alex Carter Mechanic Assistant
First come with SD connect C4 user’s review
I bought a MB SD C4 from China and it has been great. Tried messing with personal installs of Xentry/DAS, downloading VMWare images, etc… then gave up and bought an entire hard drive from China with latest versions of everything installed..
Xentry/DAS/StarFinder/Vediamo/etc. The HDD was under $100 and you have a choice of upgrading to an SSD instead of regular drive too which is much faster.
Look at and get a C4 and a hard drive.. has been working great for a year on 3 different MB’s. Before that I had a C3 for 6 years which worked great too, but the wireless makes it SO much easier. Sit the laptop on the hood of the car instead of having lots of cables and wires going everywhere like I did with the C3.

Here is the one I bought. Available in256 / 500GB hard drives, or an SSD. I bought the SSD even though more expensive, it runs really fast.
I have used mine on an 07 W221 S550 and have also run it on a friend’s 09 W204 C350
I use DAS for everything. On my 2014 I will need to look into Xentry but for a 2007 you don’t need it
i usually run a Quick Test that tells you every error code in the car. You can further diagnose or reset errors too.
Have also used functions for:
upgrade software in modules. For example when the windows stop opening and a software update is required.
Release pressure from a strut before replacement
set proper ride height or adjust it (lower the car etc)
and lots of other stuff

Then, when to use C4 or C5?
My C3 worked perfectly fine for a 2003 SL (R230), 2007 GL (W164) and 2007 S550 (W221). I haven’t tried it on my 2014 SL. The C4 works great on those cars, it’s just wireless.
If the C3 is a lot cheaper get that. If not, spring for the C4 because it makes life easier. Both work just fine.
As mentioned, if you have a 2015 or newer (or plan to get one soon) then you need a newer unit like C4/C5

so what all would I need just the hard drive or do I also need the wires, multiplexer, and etc…, I’m trying to do as much as possible with both cars and maybe even help a few others in my area so they don’t have to go to the dealer and spend money for something that can be done in minutes?
You need a laptop, hard drive with software, and a multiplexer (c3 with cables or c4 without)

Image 1: C5 bundle kit

Image 2: C4 bundle kit

  1. MB Star C3 user’s review:
If you’re working with newer versions of Xentry and Vediamo 5, you will need a C4 or greater MUX. I’m using a C3(called a compact C4 by vendors but doesn’t have wireless) I purchased almost 5 years ago which works for my purposes. If I got a newer, 2015 or above model, I would spring for the C4 or C5 but I can do everything I need for my 2007 using the C3. A C3 system is going to cost you a lot less. I using Star/Xentry from 2014 and Vediamo 4.

Anyone had issues with systems or HDDs from China coming in with viruses?
For me this is a non issue because the machine I have it on never connects to the internet.

Are you able to update all your car modules to the latest versions (lets say transmission, command) etc with simply connecting it to internet and it grabbing the required files and then flashing offline?
It depends on what machine the hard drive came from, usually it’s a Dell or a Thinkpad. If the OS on the drive is Windows XP, you’re restricted to what type of machine you can put it in, meaning Dell laptop for Dell hard drive, ThinkPad for Thinkpad hard drive.

You can update your car modules but you have to configure your system to do offline coding and also acquire the firmware updates for the modules, mhhauto is a good place to find all of that stuff. I’ve updated Command, Audio, door modules, Keyless Go, radar sensors, telaid to mbrace, plus some other stuff.

When to use Xentry Passthru?
If all you need is to read codes/clear codes/actuations and so on……. you can use Xentry Passthru. It is used with J2534 devices (passthru). I have used many passthru devices to include the Tactrix Openport 2.0 (I’ve used the Tactrix with Vediamo 4 and it should work with 5.0.1.). It’s $169 directly from the company and it works good with Xentry Passthru. Xentry Passthru is good for 2006 and up vehicles. It will not work with older ones. I have even programmed online with it. If you are needing it to code modules and make system changes then you will need Vediamo, Monaco and so on.

What Vediamo does?
Vediamo allows you to variant code without having an online Mercedes account. I replaced a set of headlights, they worked fine but the active curve function wasn’t working and I would get an error indicating such every time I turned the car on. The dealer wanted $169 to code the lights and I wound up doing it myself with Vediamo and it took 15 minutes. You can also flash modules with Vediamo if you have the CFF files. I’ve haven’t used Vediamo to flash any modules as I’m just getting used to using it. I have used it to remove the restrictions for entering information while the car is in motion. I plan on adding two additional radar modules to my rear bumper so that I can enable the Parking Guidance feature and do a Blind Spot Assist retrofit at a future date. I’ll use Vediamo to enable those features once I have all of the hardware in place.

To be upgrading…

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