When Is The Right Time To Consider A DWI Houston Lawyer To Represent You In The Court?

by Gloria L. Digital Marketing
A number of US citizens and residents tend to have a number of misconceptions regarding DWI prosecutions. In fact, in many cases, the accused even find it hard to figure out what they have been charged with! Hiring a seasoned DWI Houston Lawyer does have its share of advantages. His familiarity with the court system is the biggest incentive, of course. And then, your lawyer has experience of pleading the bargain details. So if arrested for DWI, should you need professional help to represent you in the court?

You will surely need a lawyer if you are not a first time offender. As a first time DWI or DUI offender, you can just plead guilty. However, plead only if you have not charged with any additional allegations, such as reckless driving, or accompanying a minor in the car. Also, it is important to understand the prevailing DUI / DWI laws, regulations, fines and    penalties and fines in the state you belong to. This will help you make decisions better. In Texas, for example, if the compulsory blood/ breathe test shows someone’s Blood Alcohol Content (BAC)is above .02), then the offender is punishable under law. This rule prevails for young citizens aging below 21 years. As for drivers more than 21 years of age, the ceiling mark for BAC is .08. So far the commercial drivers are concerned; the BAC should be below 0.4. Even if you decide to plead guilty on your own, a DWI Houston Lawyer can help you. He can recommend you ways to lessen the harshness of potential sentences.

Bargaining With Sentences
Most of the states in the USA has a system of plea bargaining. With its aid, you can reduce the charge with something less severe. For example, the allegation of DWI/ DUI can be decreased to reckless driving. Additionally, you get the opportunity of sentence bargaining. This becomes helpful when your guilty plea would possibly result in long-time confinement. For example, this comes to your rescue when you are likely to be charged with severe offenses. This might include anything from having a BAC of more than .15, or a fatal injury. It goes without saying that you need a DWI Houston Lawyer to do the bargaining for you.

About Second Time Offenders
In case it is not your first time DWI/DUI, then you will need the help of a DWI Houston Lawyer more than anyone else. If the cost of hiring an attorney worries you, then you might want to do a little bit or ‘search’. There are a number of service providers who accept credit payments. What is more, you can even avail discounts from many of such agencies. If you are still in two minds about hiring one, then consider this alternative. At least take legal advice until the following hearing, where you plan to plead guilty to the allegations against you.

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