What’s With Wisdom Teeth Stitches (And How to Care for Them?)

by Ziva Dental The Best Dental Clinic in San Antonio, TX
When wisdom teeth become impacted or problematic, removal becomes a necessity that cannot be taken for granted. You cannot say 'I will get my wisdom teeth removed whenever I am able to make time.’ Also, it Is important to note that not everybody is bound to encounter as many as four (4) wisdom teeth. There are those who have just a couple of wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth removal would require your dentist to make incisions (cuts).  Once the process of extraction is over, all of the incisions will be stitched back in order to avoid infections.

Those choosing to go for wisdom teeth removal in San Antonio need to prepare themselves for an elaborate dental procedure. Also, there are various types of stitches that you will come across whilst getting wisdom teeth removal done.

Here are different types of wisdom teeth stitches you will come across:

Dissolving Stitches

Most people opting for wisdom teeth removal in San Antonio tend to prefer dissolving stitches. The thing with these stitches is: they get disintegrated (dissolved) automatically. Usually, dissolving stitches tend to disappear in a month or so. A vast majority of people prefer dissolving stitches because they tend to disappear on their own. This means you won’t be requiring an additional session with your dentist to get the stitches removed.

Removable Stitches

Also, you can check out removable stitches. These stitches are put to use when your dentist is unable to use dissolving stitches. Removable stitches would be removed by your dentist after 8-10 days. However, you will have to be part of an additional session with your dentist in order to get them removed. Also, it is important to note that the process of removal won’t cause pain or discomfort.

How to Care of Wisdom Teeth Stitches

  • Blood clots would develop after the completion of the procedure. These blood clots will help keep the dry sockets at bay. Also, it is important to avoid spitting and swishing immediately after the procedure is done and dusted.

  • Rinse your mouth with salt water 24 hours after the surgery. Let the water fall out of your mouth.

  • Use an anti-bacterial rinse prescribed to you by your dentist in order to keep infections at bay. More often than not, your dentist will provide you with a chlorhexidine solution. Use it gently to keep all of the germs at bay.

  • Avoid moving the toothbrush over the blood clot for 5-7 days as your actions might end up dislodging the clot. 

  • As far as your diet is concerned, eat a healthy but light diet. Add eggs to your diet along with soft fruits. Avoid crunchy foodstuffs, such as crunchy candies and wafers.

Tooth extraction in San Antonio offers people a long-term solution for you to keep numerous tooth-related problems at bay. Tooth extraction also comes in handy while facing cavities/tooth decay. Approach a dental health expert near you to get things sorted before they get complicated.

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