What’s The Difference Between Domestic And Commercial Floor Cleaning Machines?

by Michael Mousely Blogger

Modern technology has made vacuum cleaners to evolve in leaps and bounds. These units have been commonly considered for both homes and industries, for all the good reasons. 

They tackle even the most challenging products while ensuring that any floors are cleaned in a timely manner. 

However, there are some striking differences between domestic and commercial floor cleaning machines. 

Did you know these machines are different for your home and commercial space? Let us see how these differences so you can pick the right one as per your need, above all, your floor.

The Machine Power

Many will argue that the main difference between these two machines is the amount of power associated with each. 

For instance, commercial cleaning machines such as industrial vacuum cleaners require more horsepower to address spacious environments and to provide the suction needed to remove excess dirt and grime.

On the other hand, domestic cleaning machines are equipped with less horsepower, as this amount of force is not only required to deal with common household issues. So, when it comes to power, the commercial floor cleaning machines differ from domestic floor cleaning machines. 

The Machine Dimensions

As you have guessed, industrial cleaning machines will normally be larger than domestically operated variants. Now, the size is related to the environments that need to be thoroughly cleaned. 

While commercial cleaning machines are sometimes huge, these are still easy to operate thanks to the wheels and the user-friendly controls.

The Cleaning Actions

The next disparity between commercial and domestic cleaning machines involves how they mechanically remove dirt and grime from a floor. 

Depending upon the specific make and model, commercial cleaning machines will often employ high-powered scrubbers, squeegees, and a robust suction system. 

Domestic units might need to be slightly more delicate when dealing with surfaces around the home such as stone, wood and even carpet. 

Consumption Of Power

As a result of the conditions mentioned above, users can expect commercial floor cleaning machines to require more electricity in terms of watts than domestic floor cleaners. Now, this should be taken into consideration so the most effective option can be selected. 

Coverage Area

One of the other areas where the commercial cleaning equipment scores better than domestic cleaning machines is based on the coverage area.

The commercial cleaning machines tend to clean huge spaces including shopping malls, industrial areas, factories, warehouses and more. Now, domestic cleaning machines aren’t that huge and don’t clean such huge areas. 

Now, these are some of the differences between commercial and domestic floor cleaning machines. You must choose the right machine depending on your floor.

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