What’s better — instant coffee or filter coffee?

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Coffee lovers everywhere have been having this argument, as to what’s better — filter coffee (freshly brewed) or instant coffee. While both of these pose their own unique taste, let’s break it down by four factors and see what’s what.


In this case, with instant coffee there’s less to almost no aroma involved. This is because most instant coffees are dried. But when it comes to filter coffee, if you make it the right way, it has a beautifully enchanting aroma that spreads. We know that half the taste is in the aroma and that’s what we love about filter coffee. When it comes to the aroma round, filter coffee is the clear winner.

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So, we know that instant coffee can be made without the use of any water. Whereas filter coffee decoction itself is coffee blended into water. Make it the wrong way, and your coffee could turn out to be too watery. With instant coffee, you get a consistent texture that is thick and lush. Also, with filter coffee, no matter how you make it, it will always have a watery-texture to it. So in this case, the round would have to go to instant coffee.


Some people like their coffee to be strong and with a kick, whereas some like it mellowed down as they get to enjoy the whole taste of coffee. With instant coffee, you have a choice to increase the strength (or kick) of the coffee without compromising on the quality of your beverage. Filter coffee decoction when made cannot be tampered with. It’s lack of versatility is what brings out the classiness of this type of coffee. When it comes to this round, the winner will have to be instant coffee, simply because making the perfect cup of coffee isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Ease of making:

Instant coffee takes all of 10 seconds to make. But making the perfect cup of filter coffee is a long engagement. From putting the coffee into the percolator, bringing the water to boil and then waiting for the decoction to form, it can take anywhere between 15 to 30 minutes. Also, there’s the added equipment of the dripper or the percolator that you’ll need. Plus, it needs to be cleaned after every single use. Round four’s clear winner is the Instant coffee.

With all this said, we know that instant coffee is the clear choice. But there is one factor that we haven’t considered. That is taste. Filter coffee is the only form of coffee that gives you a wholesome taste. It’s an art making this beverage and only filter coffee can capture those certain notes that make you feel like you’re drinking the right coffee.

Given this bonus round to filter coffee, we appear to not have a solution to our argument. But here’s the good news. Try iD’s filter coffee. It works like instant coffee, where you just mix the filter coffee decoction into the milk and relish it. It’s got the benefits of instant coffee with the superior taste of filter coffee. This would be the middle ground and a superb one at that.


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