What to see in Bundi Rajasthan

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Bundi Rajasthan

South-east of Ajmer lies `Bundi', a historic place in the south eastern Rajasthan. A dream remembered, a moment is history caught and held, within this ancient walled city, time stood still centuries ago. Bundi is said to have got its name from Bunda, a Meena chieftain and grandfather of Jeta. It was found in 1342 by Rao Deva the 'Hada' chieftain of the Chauhan clan of Rajputs. Bundi is nestled in a narrow natural valley-quiet and beautiful. Cut away from the rest of the bustling world-breathing on in its own quiet rhythm. It is enclosed by huge walls, fortified by four gateways. In the centre of the township is a lake. Even the waters here seem to shimmer in lazy ripples. A medieval fortress stands sentinel to this city. A mute witness to history and time.

What to see in Bundi Rajasthan:

taragarh fort

Taragarh Fort: Built in 1372 A.D., this star fort crowns a thickly wooded hill, unusual architectural achievements commands extensive views of the city. It has an enormous tank which in the days of yore was the palace reservoir.

The Palace : The palace was built by Maharaja Balwant singh, and displays Rajput architectural skill at its best : Chattar Mahal, a steep paved carriage way leads up to this monument, bears massive guarded gates as well as an antique water clock which was rung every half hour. The Hazaripol, the Naubt Khana, the Hathipol, Diwan- 1-Am are some places of interest in Chattar Mahal (Palace of Towers) which was built in early 17th century.

Chitra Mahal was built by Rao Raja Shatroo Salji and have some of the finest Bundi mural paintings which have attained world fame and celebrates the Radha-Krishna legends in accordance to the Bundi school of miniatures.

Chaurasi Sthambh Chhatri

Chaurasi Sthambh Chhatri: A unique remarkably well constructed memorial is chaurasi sthambh chbatri. The large 84 pillared cenoteph on the Kota Bundi road near the Devpura village was built by Deva.

Phool Sagar: Phool Sagar is an artificial lake built by the Queen of Raja Bhoj Singh at 8 kms north-west of Bundi. A palace and a garden adorn its beauties. A palace built in the 20th century with architecture typical of the time, is the pre-sent home of the ex-ruler has banquet rooms and halls decorated with a large collection of hunting trophies. a advance permission may be by obtained.

The royal hunting lodge is Shikar Burj nestling in the woods south of Phool sagar. It makes a beautiful picnic spot amidst lush greenery and royol ambience pervading all over. Near Shikar Burj is an old well maintained garden Kohak bagh where cenotaphs of the kings and queens of Bundi stand in all their rich architecture. The most outstanding of these being that of Chattar Sal Singh.

Naval Sagar

Naval Sagar: In the middle of a placid artificial lake. Stands a sanctimonious temple of Varuna. Shimmers blue under the ceaseless vigil of noon day sun, its water's reflecting the typical landscape laid under the patronage of the Hara kings.

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