What To Look For In A Water Filter System

by Water Purifier Anjan Sengupta (Service Head)
If you live in India you get water from the municipality every alternate day. This water because it is coming from the government is deemed clean and safe. But have you ever wondered what the pipelines are like? They are age-old and may contain several dangerous elements like lead that the water ends up carrying with it. Therefore, installing a water purifier in your house becomes important. 

Water purifiers marginally reduce the health hazards caused by bad water. It has several health benefits and ensures safety for your family. Installing a water purifier is the best way to treat hard or bad water while keeping the minerals intact. It purifies water from all bacteria, chemicals, and other particles. It adds minerals and improves the taste of water in your kitchen. Buy RO water Purifier India from a trusted website that keeps in mind the safety and quality of products for your house. 

Water purifiers these days have a minimum of a 6-step purification process that thoroughly helps remove all the chemicals and unwanted waste from water. Pureit is one such firm that makes good purifiers to keep up with the rising danger in bad water levels. Their purification systems are thorough and certified to give you the best quality of water. With a water purifier installed you have the level of security required. Water purifiers come in various ranges and types. Choose the right water purifier for your house according to the water you get. Every water purifier comes with different levels of purification like RO, UV, MF, and the sort. 

Let us take a look at the five types of water purifiers you find and what they do:

  1. Ionizer Filter: This type is good for getting rid of radioactive material and treating hard water. The ion exchange works in a way that it replaces calcium or magnesium with sodium ions. Calcium and Magnesium Ions hardens water. 
  2. Reverse Osmosis: when you choose an RO water purifier the process of reverse osmosis is applied where water is sent from a low concentration area to a high concentration area while trapping small bacteria. But in RO the opposite occurs where the water with the help of external forces is sent from an area of high concentration to low concentration. This helps in preventing the impurities from passing through the semipermeable membrane.
  3. Ultra-Violet filters: the UV rays in a water filter help kill the smallest of microbial bacteria in the water. What should be remembered is that the UV rays only kill bacteria, so they should be used with other filtration technologies like RO. 
  4. Activated Carbon: these types of filters are useful for removing large water sediments. Activated carbon is actually used widely in removing pollutant from air and water like drinking water filtration. 
  5. Infrared: This technology helps soften hard water so in case you live in an area with hard water you should choose a water filter with infrared rays. 

Not only does purified water taste good and smell neutral it also saves your dishes from losing their coating. Since the water is rid of all the harmful chemicals your dishes are safe from damage. 

Lastly, Pureit offers a wide range of water purifier for home you can choose from. They take health very seriously and all their products are designed to keep your family healthy and safe. Your research for the best purifier should be dependant on the kind of water you receive and the level of purification it needs. The excess killing of germs in water can also harm the minerality of the water.

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