What to Know When Buying a Vintage Hermes Jewelry

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Hermès is the most prestigious luxury brand in the world, characterized by exquisite craftsmanship, the highest quality and outstanding professionalism.
If you're looking for vintage Hermes jewelry, you've come to the right place. Here you'll learn about the history, materials, jewelry brands, our favorite collectible pieces, and where to buy.

A Brief History of Hermes Jewelry

Thierry Hermes established a saddlery business in 1837. He expanded into various leather goods such as saddles, saddle bags, riding gear and the first leather golf jacket. His company was passed down through generations of his descendants, until today.

1880: Thierry's son, Charles-Emile, becomes president of the company and his two sons, Adolphe and Émile-Maurice, work with him.

1920s: Emile-Maurice takes over and brings in his nephews Robert Dumas, Jean-René Courant and Francis Buech as business partners.

1951: Robert succeeds Emilie-Maurice and becomes the first person not in Thierry's line to lead the company. Knowing the importance of family, he added Hermes to his name: Robert Dumas-Hermes. He collaborated closely with his brother-in-law, Jean-René. It was under Robert's leadership that the company began designing and manufacturing jewelry.

1978: Robert's son Jean-Louis Dumas becomes chairman, and the company is once again led by a Hermes. He is Thierry's great-grandson through his mother's line.
2006 - Following the retirement of Jean-Louis, Patrick Thomas becomes CEO, the first person not related to the Hermès family. Patrick was co-CEO with Jean-Louis.

2012: Sixth generation Hermès family member, Axel Dumas was appointed CEO and remains in that position today.

Axel Dumas continues the company/family tradition in craftsmanship to the end. They have always avoided mass production and outsourcing. Each creation reflects the artisan's hard work. Hermes is in the "ultra-premium luxury" category. Their jewelry is designed to be exclusive and only the "1%" can afford. "Limited Edition" pieces Continued limited distribution of certain pieces to Hermès stores.

Jewelry Designers

Jean Cocteau, author, filmmaker, designer and visual artist, is a "guest jewelry designer". Two of his creations are the Cleopatra Eye Magnifier, which can be worn as a pendant or a scarf ring, and the Lion's Head Brooch, a lion's head set with emeralds.

Pierre Hardy left Christian Dior, where he designed shoes, to join Hermès in 1990 as creative director of fine jewelry. His collection, "Ensignments Libres" reinvented the chain. He made it big and bold, representing Hermes as a harness-maker and harness and in the sea world. He also created the "Haute Bijouterie" collection, a marriage of iconic Hermès bags and Hermès fine jewelry.

Belgian designer Martin Margiela became creative director in 1997. Unlike today's designers, he shied away from any publicity for himself. He was unlike any jewelry designer before him at Hermès. She created jewelry from everyday objects, such as her fabric rings and necklaces made from champagne corks.

Jean-Paul Gaultier returned Hermes jewelry to a more understated look (compared to Martin's ultra designs). He established Hermès as the go-to home for discreet jewelry, such as fine strands of silver chains worn as pendants or belts, driving the aesthetic of the time away from gold.

Hermes Jewelry Marks

  • "HERMÈS H" (note the accent mark)
  • "Made in Austria" on enamel before 2010
  • "Made in France" on enamel after 2010
  • Hermes created a detailed code for dating jewelry. From 1946 to 2015, a letter indicates the year the piece was made:
  • 1946 - 1970, a capital letter
  • 1971 - 1996, a capital letter within a circle
  • 1997 - 2015, a capital letter within a square
  • Serial Number
  • If you see vintage Hermes jewelry with modern markings, this is a huge red flag and you should stay away.

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