What is the IELTS Exam and How to prepare for IELTS Exam?

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Are you thinking to pursue a higher study program abroad? Then you must be ready for your IELTS examination. If not, then you must know how to prepare for IELTSBefore you set out to conquer the world, there is a lot you need to know about the IELTS. Let us start by defining what IELTS is. 

What is the IELTS Exam? 

If you wonder what is the IELTS exam and how it works, then read the article thoroughly. The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) evaluates a candidate’s proficiency in the English language. It is the world’s most famous high-stakes examination that a candidate takes to study and work abroad. The IELTS is accepted by more than 10,000 organizations worldwide, including major educational institutions, employers, professional associations and government agencies, in 140 countries. View more for Free IELTS online coaching.

How IELTS Works? 

IELTS examination has been developed by the world’s greatest minds. You’ll be assessed based on the following skills: 

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking

You can either take IELTS on paper or on the computer, based on your convenience. There are two modules in the IELTS test, one is Academic and other one is General. 

Remember to choose the module you need to take depending on the purpose. For study purposes, you’ll have to take IELTS Academic and for work purposes, IELTS General. 

Tips for IELTS Exam Preparation

Stay motivated throughout your IELTS preparation process. How do you plan to study for your IELTS test- self-study/ or through online IELTS classes? Candidates can choose to prepare from any of the methods. It is important to score the highest to get the desired university or job, therefore, following a strict routine is a must. Thus, here we are with some tips to crack your IELTS and score excellently in the examination. 

Incorporate ‘English’ in your daily routine

Include one English activity in your daily life such as watching an English movie, reading a newspaper or magazine, start a conversation with your family or friends in English, order at a restaurant in English, etc. You can also try teaching primary students English, this will make your hold stronger at English. The last thing, enjoy it while you do it. 

Stay updated

Essays in the IELTS examination usually deal with the current topic or say general interests. Therefore, keeping yourself updated with relevant matters is necessary. For example, rising fuel prices, prevailing political situations, economy, banking, etc. It is important to fill your mind with the necessary vocabulary and information. It is best when you have brief information about the situation while delivering your opinions. Otherwise, no one will consider your opinions noteworthy. Hence, you must gather useful information from reliable resources to write your essays more confidently. 

Practice with concentration

Identify weaknesses and practices. If you think that your listening part needs more effort then, work on it with full concentration. Turn off the English subtitles while watching an English movie. Download practice material from the internet and listen to it daily and practice by noting down everything that you hear. Start listening to the radio in English. Organize a group study with your IELTS buddies and read, write and speak in English only. This is the best way to do your IELTS exam preparation

Stick to the time and word limit

The general word count for the writing task one is 150 words and for writing task two is 250 words. Did you know you can be penalized for not writing in the word limit? If you write more in one task and not enough in the other, you will be penalized. To avoid such situations, keep an eye on the clock, divide the time equally for both the task and achieve the word count at least. Don’t overdo on section and leave the other incomplete. Only 20 minutes for 1st task and 40 minutes for the 2nd task is allotted to you. Use it wisely. 

Practice your Interview test

Try to keep your interviews natural and friendly. In most of the interviews, you give your introduction, then proceed further. Practice your opening speech with your friends, you can even record the conversation and listen to it late for improvisation. Adjust your speaking part as appropriate. 

Now, you are all set!

The IELTS test content is prepared by an international team of experts with a view to preparing a fair and unbiased questionnaire. No matter what nationality, gender, background your have, IELTS will assess your fluency without any distinction. All you need to do is put your focus on the preparation and you can choose either classroom coaching or an IELTS online coaching, whatever suits your requirements. 

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