What Is The Best Spinning Reel For Saltwater?

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A lot if people ask what is the best rod for a Shimano Stella 18k. The answer varies based on the type of fishing but a Shimano Terez 7’8 with the Stella and 65# braid works great yellowfins all the time. We catch lots of 65-100lbers and a few bigger. the rods have been great, they cast awesome, and have good recovery on the pump. The guides have held up to the spectra very well so far. We get some stubborn fish every so often, especially if they get fully hooked on the popper and we still get em!

One problem with longer rods which aid in casting distance is that it does give the fish a bit more if you’ll be doing deep butterfly jigging you’ll want a short stiff rod to give you more leverage to get the fish up easy! I would also recommend getting a shoulder harness like the after maxforce II, and they make a spin rod adaptor strap for it which works great if you do get into the battle of a lifetime!


If you love to fish out on the open ocean, you realize the importance of using the best saltwater spinning reels to bring in your big catches. Whether you fish because you enjoy the overall experience, the sport of it, or the taste of your conquests, you want to know which reel is right for you. Read on to learn more about some of the best spinning reels available today.


One type of reel you are no doubt familiar with is Penn. They are well known for making many quality reels. The Slammer is a nice example of a durable and adaptable spinning reel. You can get years of life out of it, and you can use it when you want to do a little freshwater fishing as well.


US Reel is another maker of new spinning reels that you are probably familiar with. If you like to saltwater fish then you may fall in love with the Super caster. It’s designed to do just what it sounds like – let you cast extra far, which is exactly what you want when you are out on the open ocean. It does this by providing an ultra-wide reel. The wide spool will also help you to haul in your catch a lot faster as each turn with getting you 29 inches of the line back on the boat.


Fin-Nor is another name you can trust when it comes to the best saltwater spinning reels, and the 4 reels in the Megalite series are no different. What is the secret to the lightweight but tough reels? The reels are constructed from machined aluminum. From the spool to the handle, you get both quality and comfort.


Finally, let’s look at Okuma. You get what you pay for in the Epicor. Made from tough but lightweight graphite, this is one of the best spinning reels around, offering ease of use and durability. The cast is smooth, and it’s thanks to great use of bearings and washers in order to prevent drag when you are bringing in your catch.


So the next time you are looking at new spinning reels, you have a few places to start. Just remember that when you want to catch the big one, you can’t skimp on your reel. It makes all the difference between a true fisherman and just some guy who likes to drink beer on a boat.


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