Choosing The Best VoIP Reseller Program

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Web Design by Inter QOS Online Joining an online reseller program can help you get through today’s harder economic reality. With easier access to fast internet, you have many options. Some of which can provide you with ample returns for the amount of time and capital you are willing to put in.

The key is in choosing the right program for you. For one thing, there are several industries to choose from. Popular ones include those in the web hosting, ISP and VoIP industries. Among these, VoIP reseller programs are considered some of the best, based on current industry trends.

A study made by Infonetics Research found that the demand for VoIP services is increasing at an impressive rate. This is partly due to lower call tariff rates and VoIP equipment costs. Likewise, VoIP technology is improving and is seen as comparable to (if not better than) traditional telephony. Thus, there is so much potential to expand its market reach further.

There are several VoIP reseller programs to choose from. VoIP companies like Alliance Solutions and Vonage have different VoIP reseller program options that come with a variety of features. If you’re interested in joining one of these, you should consider how much time and capital you are willing to invest. Returns are often exponential to what you put in. Likewise, know what you need as a VoIP reseller and know what the different VoIP companies are offering.

VoIP Reseller Program Options

Alliance Solutions: The Best VoIP Reseller Program

Affiliate Programs: Affiliate programs aren’t really VoIP reseller program. However, it is a common marketing channel for many VoIP service providers and members (or referrers) have been able to make sizable profits through these programs.

Non-branded VoIP Reseller Programs: For these types of VoIP reseller programs, the VoIP service provider’s brand is retained. The reseller merely acts as a dealer or distributor and earns commission or mark-up off each membership sold. It is somewhat necessary that the VoIP service provider has a good reliable name so that its reseller can easily sell their services. Some non-branded VoIP reseller programs offer tools and features to its resellers, such as hosting facilities, default web pages, and signup forms. Other programs may require resellers to devise their own.

Some VoIP reseller programs package in all that a reseller might need, such as hosting, website, signup pages, billing, and administration control panel. Others may even provide customer and reseller support. And of course, there are those that require their resellers to provide these for themselves.

VoIP Reseller Business Tip: ATA Expense as a Barrier to Entry 

Alliance Solutions: The Best VoIP Reseller ProgramA common marketing issue faced by VoIP resellers is the ATA expense. Some prospective customers may see the ATA equipment cost as an extra; thereby, barring them from switching to VoIP services. The ATA, as you may know, is a requirement for the convenient use of VoIP as a replacement to traditional phones.

Box rental scheme: With this approach, a VoIP reseller can opt to shoulder the initial ATA cost and recoup through compounded rental fee revenues.

Activation charge: Through this approach, a VoIP business “hides” the cost of the ATA through a blanket initial charge. However, this just seems to be a “tomato, to-mah-toe; potato, PO-Utah-toe” kind of arrangement. The prospective client will still need to shell out a good amount at the start of the service.

Required ATA purchase from a 3rd party: This scheme separates the VoIP reseller from the required ATA equipment purchase. Thus, it can claim low initial and monthly fees. The user also gets the option to buy cheaper ATA equipment, rather than those packaged into VoIP services. The downside here is that a separate ATA purchase can be an inconvenience to the user.

ATA purchase as a separate transaction: In this scheme, the VoIP reseller will still offer ATA equipment along with its VoIP service. The difference is that this is treated as a separate transaction. The user can opt to buy through the reseller or a third party, depending on model, price, and convenience.

Web Design by Inter QOS Online For the Well-Funded VoIP Reseller

For a VoIP business that can afford the cash outlay required for its users’ ATA equipment, the best way to go is through a box rental program. Standard pricing here is about a month, which is affordable for most users. This way, the prospective client spreads out the cost of the equipment. The VoIP reseller, on the other hand, can potentially earn from the rent after some time.

For a Less Well-Funded VoIP Reseller

A VoIP reseller with less financial means can have its customers purchase their box right up front from them or through a third-party source. While this might turn off some clients, it does get the requirement out of the way. The VoIP business can offer purchases through them or a third party. They can also offer advice on the best ATA equipment available. From experience, Grandstream ATAs have the best bang for the buck.

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