What is Significance of the Cisco certificatiton?

by Roney Lin Consultant

Many people ask which certificate is most useful to them in the Cisco exam. Unfortunately, there is no simple or universal answer to this question. But I have a summary answer to this or similar question.


The Cisco certification is very popular now. 60% of companies use Cisco products, so the company is likely to consider hiring new employees with CISCO certification when recruiting. Although certificates are not easy to obtain, many people still study. Cisco and many other companies (such as payroll, economics, and market research publications and websites) are spreading the view that you have earned a certificate, and that your higher pay is. CISCO certificate levels are clearly divided, from low to high, and basic CCIE r&s 400 101  Dumps are considered to be obtainable without hard experience.


In my opinion, there is a reason to obtain a CISCO certificate and learn CISCO technology: that is, a written guarantee that you master CISCO product technology and that you have experience in using the Internet. I don't think that all people who have obtained the Cisco certificate are of the same level. Those who study and practice in practice should be selected as employees more than those who rely on examination materials to obtain the certificate. A certificate should never be considered a substitute for experience. For those who are just getting started or engaged in junior network work, having a certificate is worse than no certificate; but for those working in intermediate or advanced network technology, certificates are not as important as experience, especially for the network industry.


I don't want to belittle those CCNP 300 115 exam dumps, but I think we should provide more realistic and real information. Some people are most likely to have obtained the CCNA and CCNP certificates without contacting the network environment. These phenomena are more prestigious than CISCO certificates Is ridiculous. For example, Cisco's certificate CCNP (Cisco Senior Network Engineer Certification), it is almost impossible to pass the CCNP exam without being familiar with routers and switches. In fact, in the two exams of the Cisco top-level certificate CCIE (Cisco Internet Expert Certification), the failure rate of the CCIE Lab's first exam is also very high, and it is impossible to pass the exam without sufficient actual router and switch experience.


If you want to become a professional in the field of networking, that's great. I suggest you get a CISCO certificate. But don't expect to earn $ 79,000 a year with a certificate signed by John Chambers, that won't happen. You need to find opportunities to find jobs that provide you with hands-on experience and manage a wide range of hardware and software products. You get the corresponding certificates from Cisco and other companies, and then you learn CCNP r&s 300 115 Dumps. Using the experience to support the certificate is the only way to get a job promotion.


There is a problem: some people pay little attention to the problems that actually exist in actual work. I have never heard of any company that needs a technical staff with only CCNA level. Therefore, having a higher level CISCO certificate can help you provide the company with sufficient technology to solve network problems in actual work. Only CCNA certificate It does not mean that you can deal with failed routers and network related failures.


Certificates come from assumptions. Employers who see the certificate listed in your resume will assume that you can do certificate-related work. If you can't support your certificates with practical experience, don't mention them. For example, if you come up with a CCNA certificate, you should be able to complete basic tasks such as installing, debugging, and configuring routers and switches. Similarly, if you come up with CCNP, you should be able to install, configure, and run LAN, WAN, and dial-up access services, as well as network troubleshooting, for large enterprise networks with 100 to 500 nodes.


So, which certificate do you need to learn CCIE sec 400 251 Dumps? You need to consider it in combination with the work you are going to do in the future. The certificate is consistent with network experience, technology and capabilities. If you cannot do the work that matches the higher level certificate, please wait until you can do it. Apply.

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