What is Digital Marketing? More Details with Digital Marketing Training in Noida

by Manoj Singh rathore Digital Marketing Head and Founder
However the benefit of SEM is visibility and getting traffic to your website for keywords you're not found for so that's why SEM such a popular choice for a lot of companies okay let's talk about digital marketing and that's a traditional type of digital marketing channel it's been around a long time you know we all send emails on a daily basis and we probably all receive emails on a daily basis just as an effective way to capture leads and get birthed them to customers because with email you can personalize your emails and you could send your emails to a segmented audience okay so if you have emails from females who at 35 years of age to 44 that live and say this southern part of the United States you can segment that sentiment email in digital marketing training in noida with Techstack training institute.

Cater that email directly to that audience and of course you can put some nice call-to-action in there you can design it really snazzy and you could track it just like you can any other digital marketing channel so email is a very effective way to really reach a target audience because everybody for the most part has a functioning email account so basically here's an example of an email that could go out you're selling a product and the products promotion with Techstack is about to end well you know get that email out to your target audience let me know hey you have until tonight to purchase the product and if you purchase it you're gonna get 30% off and you can put the coupon code right in there with a nice call-to-action and you can measure how many people click on that email go to that webpage and purchase the product using that coupon code.

So that's an example of email marketing okay we have affiliate marketing so affiliate marketing is an effective way for digital marketers to basically create a sales force of people so basically what you're doing is you're getting merchants to promote your products and services and you using usually a third party broker like Commission Junction or CG comm as an example to introduce you be the person selling the product a merchant with the affiliate so that affiliate could likely be a merchant him or himself and they can basically be a good partner of yours by promising your product or service on their website so that they can sell in order to get Commission's so it's all based on a commission so you basically are gonna use a third-party affiliate like CJ get all these affiliates to work for you they're gonna promote your product or service.

If they do sell your product or service you're gonna pay them a commission that's more or less how it works with affiliate marketing and you know with affiliate marketing to me it's a good way to you know really promote your product or service and you can pick and choose the affiliates or the publishers of whom you want to work with so here's an example of affiliate marketing at work okay you basically see a banner basically you can see earn up to 12% advertising fees with a trusted e-commerce leader okay so somebody clicked on that purchase for example or joined you could pay out that commission okay let's turn our attention to social media marketing so social media marketing you know I would say it's fairly new I mean if I think about it were in 2019 and I remember talking about Facebook back in 2006 so you're talking about 13 14 15 years of social media it's definitely evolved over the years and but the concept remains the same it involves creating different types of content depending on the platform okay so you could be on Pinterest or Instagram and be dealing with photos or you could be on Twitter tweeting out certain characters up to a limit okay so it really depends on the social media platform that really drives the type of content you're gonna promote but we know social media can be effective because people use social media.

 I mean Facebook is one of the more popular platforms and if you want to get your product or service out there you could certainly pay to have an ad on Facebook or you could just post your content organically okay that's the beauty of social most of your social platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter and Facebook and Pinterest and Instagram they'll have a paid form of advertising that you can use to promote your product or service or you can go the organic route and you know post content organically in hopes of driving traffic back to your website so with social you do have two options here but social is interesting because there's a lot of different social media platforms out there it really depends on your product or service okay so an example of social media marketing especially on Facebook with Facebook you got mobile and desktop and you obviously have the opportunity to close something organically and have that liked or commented on or shared or you can post an app and get that liked commented or shared or clicked and have people go back to your website and fulfill the goal of what you want them to do so moving on to content marketing

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