What is Diabetes? Treatment, Types, Causes, Everything About Diabetes

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Diabetes occurs due to a metabolic disorder. It affects both males and females. Causes of diabetes vary from individual to individual depending on various factors. Lifestyle, Genetics, diabetes in the family, environmental factors, and health are some of the general causes.

At the basic levels, diabetes occurs when blood glucose levels have increased beyond the normal levels. It happens when the pancreas fails to produce enough insulin, which regulates our blood glucose levels. Or when our body fails to absorb the insulin it produces. This condition is also known as insulin resistance.

Types of diabetes and causes

Diabetes can be from birth also. When it happens since birth, it is known as type 1 and type 2 can develop in adult life due to lifestyle factors. Type 1 is an autoimmune disease. The disease destroys the cells in the pancreas that are responsible for the production of insulin. So, your body has not regulated blood glucose that comes in blood from the digestion of food.

Type 1 diabetes is also known as autoimmune type, as the body is itself killing its immune system. In many cases of type 1 diabetes, the genetic disposition is responsible. The other causes can be a viral infection or an unidentified compound behind the autoimmune attack.


Here more than one factor is behind diabetes. The lifestyle of the individual, diet, sedentary habits, and family history do play an important role. Pregnancy and illness can also be the cause in some cases.

Gestational diabetes

Overweight or obesity, polycystic ovary syndrome are some causes behind gestational diabetes in females during pregnancy. Experts say that the family history of the patient also plays a part.

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Other causes

Inflammation of the pancreas is also a major cause of diabetes. It can be acute, chronic, or necrotizing pancreas when acute inflammation of the pancreas is left untreated.

Increased production of cortisol hormone raises the blood glucose levels, which in turn causes diabetes. Glucagonoma - it is a rare tumor of pancreas alpha cells. This condition leads to the overproduction of glaucoma hormone.

Prolonged use of glucocorticoid therapy can lead to diabetes, which is known as steroid-induced diabetes.

Spread of diabetes

More than 9.5 % of the Bangladeshi population has diabetes. People have diabetes but he is unaware of the condition. According to the latest WHO data published in 2017 Diabetes Mellitus Deaths in Bangladesh reached 40,142 or 5.09% of total deaths. Millions of others lost their lives due to related health issues arising out of diabetes.

Anyone who is above 45 years of age and leads a sedentary life is vulnerable to diabetes. More and more younger people are working from home or in work that requires them to remain confined to chairs for a long period of time. They have no time for physical activities. The pandemic conditions in several parts of the world also make it difficult to lead an outdoor life.

In addition to such a lifestyle, the increased consumption of packed fruits, foods, and processed food items increases the risk of diabetes. People dealing with high blood pressure and suffering from obesity enhance their risk of diabetes.

Health issues diabetes patient develop

Erection weakness is one of the early signs of diabetes. So males should take this weakness seriously and seek medical help. Early health examination not only reverses erection issues but can cure diabetes without medicines.

In addition to cardiovascular issues, diabetes creates blood pressure problems. Hypertension further damages the blood vessels. It also affects eyesight, which is one of the higher effects of diabetes.

Uncontrolled diabetes destroys the kidney and increases the risk of untreatable infection. Extreme risk is amputation of the foot when the infection becomes incurable.

Prevention and Treatments

Early diagnosis of diabetes makes it easy to control it. In fact, with a diet change and lifestyle intervention, one can get rid of diabetes. But the basic condition is early detection. The only way is to go for a regular blood sugar check. Make it a point to check your blood glucose levels at least once a year.

The only way to prevent diabetes is to consume a healthy balanced diet and adopt an active lifestyle. Even a moderate form of exercise like walking reduces blood glucose levels. The role of a healthy diet and exercise has been emphasized by doctors.

The fatal aspect of diabetes is its silent nature. It remains in the body without showing any visible or noticeable symptoms. Suddenly it strikes when damage has already been done to vital body organs. Avoiding processed foods, sugary-rich drinks, and cessation of smoking and alcohol consumption is also an important part of the lifestyle intervention.

Type 1 diabetic patients require insulin, while type 2 get oral medicines to keep blood sugar levels in control. Doctors may recommend insulin to type 2 diabetic patients if insulin need arises.

Other measures include

Keeping blood pressure in check, and proper foot care. Patients are advised to take proper footwear, take care of foot hygiene, seek professional help for ulcer cure, and have a regular examination of feet by health experts. The world health organization says that these steps are essential for people in low-income countries, where often people go without footwear.

If you are on diabetes medication, you need to monitor your blood glucose levels regularly. They are also recommended to go for examination of kidney health.

This helps them to detect early signs of diabetes-related kidney problems. Blood lipid control is also an essential part of the overall plan to check the rise in cholesterol levels.


Read about diabetes and become aware of its nature and symptoms. The detection of early signs of diabetes will help people to seek medical help. The early awareness of diabetes also ensures that with just lifestyle change one can not only control diabetes but can reverse the onset of disease.

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