What is content spinning and why you should not use it in your business

by Manoj Sharma business consultant

"I need content for my website but I do not have time to elaborate it". "I have not updated my blog for weeks but I can not think of good ideas for new posts." "I'm blocked with my blog and I'm not able to generate quality content quickly and smoothly."

It is possible that you feel identified with these phrases and even that you have made them yourselves on more than one occasion. The truth is that it is a very normal and quite usual circumstance in any professional who wants to update frequently the web of his business, especially if he does it without any help.

It can not be denied that the lack of updating of a website or blog with quality content (the recommended is a daily post, but the minimum would be 2 or 3 new content per week) is one of the factors that, undoubtedly, will make us lose positions in Google posts and other search engines . And there we have a problem.

The false solution of spinning

Faced with this situation of lack of content, some people responsible for websites or blogs resort to spinning or spineo.

Content spinning consists in trying to elaborate variations of the text of a previous article in order to make it look like an original and quality post .

In this way, spine texts has become a technique that even has various tools, software and even some online platforms (usually paid) supposedly specialized in the creation of original posts from the rehashing of one or several previous articles.

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What is spinear? How does the process work?

The idea is (manually, with some system of automation of the process or by means of a combination of both) to  obtain an article supposedly new and original, taking as a base one or several previous posts of similar subject matter .

For this, the following techniques are used :

  • Search of synonyms
  • Syntactic changes
  • Modifications in the order of the paragraphs
  • Changes in titles and subtitles

What results are obtained?

In general, the results obtained with the different techniques to spine texts are very deficient . You end up getting a text with some of the following  (or even all of them) :

  • The quality of writing the text is very low , with numerous errors and serious spelling and orthotypography, as well as syntactic and syntax.
  • No original content or added value for the user is obtained.

Spineo of contents: problems

As a consequence of the low quality of the texts, the posts elaborated by some method of spineo will have these problems:

  • It is very likely that Google will detect them as duplicate content , with the consequent penalty.
  • The low quality of writing and typographical errors will also make us lose positions in Google .
  • We will end up losing visits for not offering quality content or added value for the user.
  • We also risk to suffer claims from the authors of the original texts, from which the spinning takes place.

Is it advisable to use this technique on our website or blog?

Although we may fall into the temptation to spine texts because it is a way to get posts more quickly, our opinion is very clear about it: it is not an appropriate technique or recommended and it will bring us more problems than supposed benefits.

The truth is that it is not possible to automatically write quality texts and that they are not considered as duplicate content by Google. This means that the spiked texts will negatively affect the SEO (if you want details about SEO, download the guide The secrets of SEO ) from the web of our business. In other words, the final result will end up being just the opposite of the one we are pursuing.

A content strategy is only positive when we invest the time necessary to develop original quality content, which provide added value to the user and are well valued by Google's crawler robots.

While it is true that the writing of original content and quality involves a significant effort and, sometimes, the help of external collaborators, there is no doubt that the results obtained are worthwhile.

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