Do You Know the Benefits of Vitamin E Oil for Healthy Skin and Hair

by Manoj Sharma business consultant

Our body needs several nutrients from food. In order to have a healthy and fit body proper and essential nutrients are needed. There are some primary nutrients proteins, carbohydrates, fats, water, vitamins and minerals. Amongst these you will get to know the benefits of vitamin E oil to get healthy skin and hair which is also a symptoms of a good health. So instead of just beating around the bush let us look at the elephant in the room.


It helps to protect against harmful UV rays –

Whenever a person comes in contact with sunlight then free radicals forms in the cells which causes damaging of skin cells by developing anti aging signs, premature graying, loss of hair, dehydration of hair scalp. So then vitamin E is helpful. It is an anti oxidant which when combined with phenolic OH group of chromane ring helps to reduce the formation of free radicals in skin cells and thereby improves our skin and hair. This is because when vitamin E is applied to the skin, erythema, sunburn cells and chronic UV-B- induced skin damage and photo-carcinogenesis starts reducing and experienced. Also, vitamin E does not itself have a sunscreen lotion.

Helps in skin brightening while removing tan –

Vitamin E provides hydration and moisture to skin cells. Vitamin E prevents the production of collagen which is responsible for tanning of skin. Other chemical which is responsible for skin tanning is glycosaminoglycans as well as the elastic fibers and glycoproteins found in the extracellular matrix of the skin. While there are different fairness creams available for oily as well as all skin types which promises to help in getting fairer skin. Several fairness creams also contains vitamin E which is beneficial for people. 

Reduce age spots, scars, stretch marks and aging signs –

When skin comes in contact with sunlight then cross linking of protein occurs in the skin which increases the chances of premature aging. That is why vitamin E is required. Vitamin E is a proven effective solution for preventing excessive cross-linking and resulting aging as well as protecting the natural enzymes of skin.

Being a powerful anti oxidant it helps in preventing oxidative stress which has a damaging effect on the cells. Vitamin E also works with other nutrients like selenium, vitamin B3, vitamin C and glutathione and help against premature aging of skin cells.

Improves smoothness and hair shining -

When going outside hairs gets filled with dirt and pollutants in sunlight which causes several issues like hair fall, dehydration of hair scalp due to closing of pores at the root of hairs. Due to this shinness and smoothness also lost and hair becomes unhealthy. So combining hair oil with vitamin E oil proves beneficial in order to reduce unhealthy issues and bring back the life of hair. Vitamin E helps in nourishment of hairs thereby taking care of hair loss problem and increases the shinness, smoothness and makes hair beautiful again.



Helps in reducing eczema -

According to a research oral vitamin E supplements can produce significant improvements in eczema symptoms. Moreover, vitamin E may also increase the effectiveness of skin moisturizing. It helps in reducing dryness, itching and flaking which are responsible for occurring of eczema.

Helps in reducing skin itching –

Vitamin E provides moisturizing of skin which reduces the itching happening from dry skin. It can also treat several other allergic reactions, infections and other issues that causes skin itching.

Helps in preventing from skin cancer -

According to a 2013 research vitamin E supplements were found to reduce skin cancer in humans as well as in animals even when exposed to large amount of ultraviolet lights. Then it is started as a medicine to cure skin cancers.


Helps in healing wounds –

Vitamin E is approved for modulating cellular signaling, gene expression and affect infected wounds with a chemical known as Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).  This is researched and practically tested. Vitamin E has antioxidant and it influence on connective tissue growth factor. Therefore start using vitamin E oil to heal your wounds.

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