What is Academic Writing? Types of Academic Writing

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Writing skills are essential in every phase of life. It is a particular skill and proficiency that is required in numerous contexts. Academic writing is considered to be utmost vital for a student. It tends to be fairly contrasting from other writings like personal writing. The reason of difference is that this form of writing observes its own particular rules as well as practices. It is a particular writing style that is mainly used exercised in educational as well as formal essays. Other academic assessments also require academic style of writing. It is known to be a must have skill in each and every student as it is a part of formal language that is backed by logics and evidences. Every student needs to develop and polish such vital skills during their college and university phase. Students pursuing any academic discipline make an active use of academic style of writing in order to convey ideas and complete a given piece of work assigned by teachers.

Characteristics of Academic Writing

Every academic discipline possesses its own stylistic conventions. There are numerous features and characteristics of such writing.

Clear plan and focus - The academic paper is clearly focused and well planned. Each and every line in a particular sentence is accurate and to the point. It serves the purpose very clearly. Each paragraph and sentence statement of the paper ties back to that basic center. However it may comprise backdrop as well as other related notions.

Logical structure - All academic writing tends to trace a logical and to the point structure. In its most fundamental form, it contains a prologue, body paragraphs, as well as a conclusion. The opening paragraph streams backdrop information. The body paragraphs tend to uphold and back the thesis statement. The outcome or we can say conclusion tails back to the thesis itself, sums up the vital points.

Evidence-based- Academic writing needs quite cognizant arguments and statements. Notions should be backed by evidence. The use of evidence from different sources like research papers and data certainly provides a great amount of credibility and reliability to an argument.

Formal tone - The main objective of this writing form is to stream a logical presentation without any informal terms and words. It highly prohibits and limits the usage of emotional, informal as well as biased language. Personal views and choices must be neglected in the academic piece of work.

Types of Academic Writing

There are four main types of academic writing namely descriptive, analytical, persuasive and critical. Each type of writing possesses a particular language features as well as purposes.

Descriptive – The chief purpose of descriptive writing to elaborate and describe. It is that type of writing which only focuses and spotlights on explaining and describing a particular person, event, place or a thing by giving minute details. This specific writing style can also be poetic in nature. It carries an approach of identify, report, record, summarize and define. It tends to make the writing simple and easy. It is also known to be quite creative form of writing.

Expository - Expository writing is also known as analytical writing. The chief aim of this specific writing is to interpret and explain. It is considered to be a subject-headed style of writing. Within this style authors center their attention and concentration on explaining you regarding a specific topic. Most of the academic assignment writing approves of this style. Analytical writing is also widely used in academics. Most of the articles, textbooks and essays carry this specific writing. It includes elements such as:

  • Generally describes and explains something in a process.
  • Mainly contains facts and figures regarding a specific topic.
  • A logical order and sequence is followed.

Persuasive – The ultimate objective of persuasive writing is to convince and persuade the readers. In most educational writing, you're needed to go through a minimum of one step more than analytical writing, to persuasive writing. Persuasive writing has all the options of analytical writing with the addition of your own purpose of read. Most essays are persuasive, and there's a convincing part in a minimum of the discussion and conclusion of a look article. Points of read in educational writing will embody an argument, a recommendation, and interpretation of findings or analysis of the work of others. In persuasive writing, every claim you create must be supported by some proof, for instance a relevancy analysis findings.

  • Persuasive writing is generally possessed with reasons, notions, justifications and arguments.
  • Writers require taking a stance in this particular writing style.
  • Persuasive form of writing seeks a call to action approach. Readers are persuaded to take a stand regarding a topic.

Critical - Critical writing is quite common when it comes to aspects like research, postgraduate and advanced writing. It also possesses some the features of persuasive writing. It mainly requires the writer to ponder and examine at least two points of view, comprising their own. Critical writing needs a pretty strong writing skillset. One needs to apprehend the assigned topic and the related issues as well.


These four different academic writing styles contain many sub-divisions and categories that are generally used by students as well as educators. Each category serves different objective and purpose. A writer should be well aware of all these types of essential writing forms. Thorough comprehension and continuous practice can surely brush up the skills of a writer. 

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