What is a micrometer and what is it used for?

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Micrometer is both a unit of measurement and a measuring device. Both are used for various activities, whether in pastry or jewelry. This rather particular device deserves to be put in the spotlight to be known and understood by entrepreneurs who love thoroughness.

The micrometer, a unit of measurement

The micrometer is also a thousandth of a millimeter or a millionth of a meter, or 10 -6 meters. In a deprecated name, a micrometer is worth a micron. In other words, it is a unit of measurement for objects requiring maximum precision if not perfect accuracy. In the International System, the symbol is "µm". As an illustration, a row of 5000 atoms measures 1 micrometer. Most of the time, the micrometer is mainly used for the evaluation of microscopic lengths.

Here are some examples of long micrometrics that are good to know:

1 human hair: 10 to 200 µm

1 bacterium: 1 to 10 µm

The head of a sperm: 5 µm

The thickness of a paper: 70 to 180 µm

The micrometer, a measuring device

As mentioned earlier, the micrometer is a measuring device. It is used in various activities, including large-scale jewelry and baking. In jewelry, it can be used to measure the size of stones or rings. In pastry making, it allows you to measure the diameter of macaroons, for example.

The device is made up of various elements:

A mobile and adjustable measuring surface

A stationary measuring surface

Fine thread

All these elements are connected to each other thanks to a support.

The object to be measured is positioned between the two measuring surfaces which are parallel. The thread is adjusted via a set screw which is knurled as a rule of thumb. This mobility ensures that the two surfaces are in contact with the sample to be measured. It should be noted that the circular appearance of a sample cannot be tested with a micrometer.

To guarantee a better measurement result, the micrometric device must be kept on an insulating plate. In addition, the ambient temperature should be 20 ° C to prevent the object from emitting heat, which could change its size.

accurate measurements. One of the main reasons for using a micrometer is that it provides fast and accurate results. As a result, it is considered one of the most accurate measuring devices in all industries where it is used.

Wide range of applications. Micrometers are highly sought after in mechanical engineering and machining. They are also very easy to use and with a little knowledge of precision measuring equipment, you can easily get accurate readings.

Great potential. Each micrometer unit is equipped with special accessories for specific tasks. Some of them even have anvils and spindle tips for more precise measurements, depending on the requirements of your application.

There are different types. If you want to measure a certain type of distance accurately, it is important to stick to the right type. This is because a large range of distances can be measured with this instrument, depending entirely on the right type of instrument.

Extremely durable. The instrument has a long life span, so you only need to invest in it initially and then enjoy its benefits over time. It can be used over and over again in multiple applications. So you can be sure that your investment is safe.

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