What Domain & Page Authority Mean To Your Business’ Google Rankings

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Domain & Page Authority can mean life or death for your website’s rankings on search engines. Here’s how you can improve DA and PA in 2020.

At Big Rock Designs, we are experts in the field of SEO and increasing your business’ online presence. It is clear that as we move into 2020 that companies need to sharpen their skills in relation to understanding the power of a broad online reach.

The difference between your business ranking on the first page of Google and the fifth or sixth page can be monumental. At times, companies pay for Google Ads to leapfrog the queue and get to the top. However, a company’s funds are finite, and the increase of organic SEO is where you need to be to outrank the competition naturally.

When it comes to SEO and website rankings, two elements are critical. They are:

  • Domain Authority (DA), and,

  • Page Authority (PA).

Throughout this blog, we will look to explain what it is and some necessary steps you and your business can undertake to help your DA and PA grow in the year to come.

What Is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is a figure to indicate the authority of a business’ site online. The higher value assigned to a Domain Authority, the greater your possibilities are of listing better in search engine result pages (SERPS), thus obtaining further organic traffic.

Moz developed the Domain Authority value. However, alternative companies have designed similar parameters that rank website domains. These provided the sites with a grade from zero to ten.

What Is Website Domain Authority?

The Domain Authority of an internet site may be a number between zero to one hundred. This attempts to predict how adequately a site can place on search engines. It’s usually thought of that the higher the value, the greater your website’s Domain Authority is.

Companies, like Moz, attempt to duplicate the Google ranking formula within their programme. They consider all essential factors which will presumably influence rankings and render a score which will be utilised for comparison.

Therefore, the Domain Authority relies on data that Moz possesses regarding your website.

What Is Page Authority?

Page Authority is comparable to Domain Authority. However, rather than collating domain-wide values, it measures data that are distinct to a selected webpage.

The assigned score indicates the authority of that particular page and how it will place on search engines.

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Five Steps To Improve Domain Authority

Now we have outlined that it’s clear what DA is and the way it’s calculated, here are some simple steps you’ll take to develop your domain’s authority.

Step 1: Develop Off-Page SEO

Websites that possess a robust, clean link profile can have a higher Domain Authority than competitors’ websites.

What is a robust link profile?

A robust link profile is when a website:

  • Has inbound links originating from higher authority websites,

  • Inbound links are from connected sites,

  • Doesn’t have low-quality links,

  • Has links from a diversity of distinctive domains.

Increasing Your Link Profile

The method of building a link profile is deemed as Off-Page SEO, and it’s affiliated with techniques you’ll be able to use to amass intelligent links that may ultimately be able to develop your website’s ranking.

Strengthen Your Link Profile

Gain smart links from alternative related websites. However, this is often the troublesome and amongst the most complicated elements of SEO,

Build Natural Links

Have rich content published on your site that could draw links from alternative sites.

This is referred to as ‘natural link building’. Therefore, the assumption is that someone discovers your site, understands your articles, they enjoy it, and link to it within their blogs or content.

To achieve these links, it’s necessary to own link-worthy content written on your web site. Create content that’s observant, helpful, and straightforward to browse so that other websites may reference it in their blogs.

Step 2: On-Page SEO Development

The next level in increasing your DA is to optimise on-page SEO

Optimising your pages and content means to include:

  • Optimised titles and Descriptions

  • Precise use of Headings in your pages and blogs,

  • SEO Optimising your pictures and videos,

  • The use of keywords organically inside your content,

  • Adding internal and external links to webpages and blogs.

The standard of the structure is the most significant ranking effect for on-page or off-page SEO.

Step 3: Understand Technical SEO

Technical SEO should be adhered to from the start. Once this is done, you usually don’t have to take care of it again.

However, if technical SEO on your website is incorrect, then this may have a significant influence on your DA or search engine rankings.

The imperative SEO frameworks you wish to determine include:

  • Register your company site on Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster,

  • Produce and optimise your xml sitemap and share with Google,

  • Migrating your website to https,

  • Use structured information (schema) data to assist search engines perceive the meaning of the site’s content,

  • An adequately outlined breadcrumbs on pages,

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Step 4: Is Your Site Mobile Friendly?

Having a mobile-friendly website is essential in 2020.

Here are some reasons why:

  • Mobile searches currently outrank desktop,

  • Most users open searches on mobile and so recommence on a desktop,

  • Mobile-friendliness can be a ranking issue,

  • To not have a mobile-friendly variation of your website stresses a negative influence on your DA.

In the modern world that we are moving into, having a mobile-friendly website is a necessity. If you do not have a mobile site, it is recommended that you consider this as soon as possible.

Step 5: Improve Your Page Speed

One of the critical markers of the Google ranking code is a site’s page speed. Websites that load more immediately, have the edge over slower sites.

Improving a site’s page speed won’t singularly heighten your Domain Authority. However, it’ll create a more compelling user experience, and this brings about further sales, leads, or mailing list signups.

Page Speed & SEO

It’s not simple to undertake a page speed concern. There are plenty of technical factors involved, and if you’re not a developer, it is difficult.

However, if you can not manage to secure a developer to shorten the load speed of a site, try to:

  • Remove gratuitous plugins,

  • Upgrade applications to most advanced versions,

  • Contact your hosting supplier and suggest that they present you with a report on your server’s performance,

  • Optimise the data size of pictures,

  • Use a video streaming site, like YouTube.

When it comes to a website’s exposure online and the development of Domain Authority and Page Authority, Big Rock Designs are industry leaders in this area. All of the steps outlined above have been gathered through years of experience and constant professional development. We work to ensure our staff are in the know with all the latest trends and techniques.

If your business needs to increase its authority online, contact us today to arrange an SEO package that suits your business’ needs. We can also offer a series of training packages to increase the techniques of staff so you can complete work in-house. Let us build a link with your company in 2020 and achieve our goals together.

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