What Causes Excessive Vehicle Vibration?

by Ronald Vettori Axle Rebuild
Owning a vehicle is a mixed bag for most people. We enjoy the freedom of being able to go where ever we choose, the ability to go to work and anywhere else the road may take us. Cars and trucks are made to handle many miles before requiring any extensive repair, but as you slowly rack up the mileage, you may start to notice that more and more components will need to either be repaired or replaced.

You can prevent many of the common vehicle issues by performing schedule and routine maintenance services, but sometimes that isn’t enough. Parts are just metal, rubber, or plastic and will run down eventually. If you drive your car very often, are somewhat hard on it when you drive, or are slow to get the services done they need you could experience more massive repair bills.

One of the most annoying things that can happen to your car is vibration while driving. Not only does it make the ride quality horrible, but it can also be somewhat dangerous. Vibration always indicates a problem. Think about when you first purchased your car or truck. You would drive it down the road and probably comment on the fact that it was a smooth ride. Then after thousands of miles, it no longer feels the same. Then you begin to question, what is the problem, and why does my auto have a shaking feeling to it?

There are two major concerns when it comes to vibration and what it could be. The first and most commonly the problem are the tires. The good news is that tires are easy diagnoses to make. A simple inspection will tell you if they are the likely culprit to the vibration. On the other hand, it could be possible that the axles are on their way out. Every vehicle is outfitted with front and rear axles. These are what the hub and wheel are connected to allowing your car to go into motion.

If the axles are the problem, you can either have them replaced with new parts or opt for the more affordable solution of sending your vehicle to reputable axle rebuilders for repair. If tires are the issue, merely ordering new tires will fix the problem. Worst case scenario with thinking it is the tires and it not being is that you have purchased brand new tires but still require repair work to solve the problem. But after you have new tires and new axles installed, your car or truck will be good for many more miles, and not have any issues from this system.

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