What Are The Things To Know To Protect Your Car From The Heating Damages

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Heater control valve is always vulnerable to damages. If it is damaged, you would find that your car heating system is not releasing hot air. So, the valve needs to be replaced with a new working. This will restore the heating system of your car to its normal working state. Not just the valve, but thermostat can also be damaged. It can be repaired or replaced. Apart from these common problems with the heater controls, clogged duct can be noted as common issue as well. The clogged duct can be replaced. In many cases, getting rid of clogging can be done by using strong blowers. When blowers are not good enough to displace stubborn clogged materials, the duct has been replaced.

What Are The Things To Know To Protect Your Car From The Heating Damages

Black Smoke From The Exhaust

Black smoke coming out of your car’s exhaust pipe could be another possible indication that your car’s coolant temperature sensor is faulty or failing. Here’s what happens;

1.Faulty readings from the coolant temperature sensor can cause the engine to miscalculate the air-fuel mix in the engine.

2.Anytime the air-fuel mix ratio is not in proportion, and if the fuel mixture becomes too rich, the fuel will not be able to burn up adequately inside the combustion chamber.

3.As a result, the fuel will burn up in the car’s exhaust pipes which cause the exhaust to release black smoke.

4.If the amount of black smoke coming from a car is excessive, it is best not to attempt to drive the car.

5.If you notice this with your car, get your car checked up by a professional mechanic at the earliest.

Burning Rubber Smell

If the alternator belt is unable to run or if the running is not smooth, it could lead to friction which in turn could heat up the belt. If this happens, you will notice a burning rubber smell. Keep the following in mind:

1.If you notice this burning rubber smell it could be because the belt is slipping or is loose on the alternator pulley which in turn will impact the functioning of the alternator

2.The simple fix to this issue would be to tighten the alternator belt.

3.If the situation does not improve even after the belt has been tightened, it is best to have it checked-up by a professional mechanic.

For dealing with overheating issues of the car, you need to install cold air intake system to your car. Having this system will help your car to stay powerful in terms of performance. For more information, you can check

So, malfunction car heater is an aftermath of various glitches with the heating system of the car. Understanding the reason for the error is the key to resolve it. For understanding the issues and to resolve it, car owners need to find professional service providers.

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