What Are The Risk Associated With Scaling Content Creation And How To Mitigate It?

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In general large scale content projects can give a mighty valuable result for organization when it is done in the most appropriate way. There are too many project leader who tend to underestimate the task which creates major issue or failure. It is always great to plan, prepare and test early to save time and money down on the road.

Scaling content creation is not an easy task in itself. When you work with content, you can have a hand in managing the large scale project. At times project manager dont find the issue alarming until it’s too late and the content is already published.

Writing companies expert suggest that content scaling can go smooth if done in a right manner. When scaling content creation is done smoothly, organizations can create a large amount of high value content that achieves the goal such as increased SEO traffic or higher conversion rate.

Here’s some tips for avoiding the most common and deadly pitfalls when managing large scale content projects:

Too much fast can be too bad

This one is the most fundamental issues. Most of the project leaders underestimate the resources needed to properly review content production. When this phase is underestimated, the quality of content created decreases. Sometimes the content cannot be bad but a lack of feedback creates a lot disruption. The major point of success in larger projects requires proportionally more attention and efforts in upfront.

It is essentially to give adequate amount of time and monitor to save lot of work and potentially a lot of money is saved as well.

To save high volume project from getting crashed, take following steps:

  • Start slow

Even with an efficient team, it is good to proceed slowly. The first goal should be to make writer and editor into reliable contributors who can easily understand the requirements. To achieve the goal, provide feedback to writers as early as possible. If any issue is found, direct the concern worker to solve the issue. This exercise can be considered as training process which can be used for the actual project time.

  • Remove poor performance at the earliest

At time working with bulk amount of writers makes it difficult for the business owners to groom them. Every project cannot be handled by every kind of writer. It is thus, ideal to find the misfit among the lot. Not identifying the misfit writer can make you pay in the long run. It is thus, important to keep up high standards for creating better pay off at the end.

  • Implement soft blocks

Professionals from content writing services defines soft blocks as an automated tool that stops writers from claiming and submitting too many units of content before the writer’s work is properly reviewed. This blockage forces writers to prove themselves before they get access to the project. In high volume situation,this tool works really well.

  • The calibration phase

This phase is wrapping around all aspects into coordinated process. The goal is basically to best the workforce, style guide, price points and the overall requirements.

In short too much work in too fast approach can bring down even the best planned large scale content creation down, therefore, consider using these tips to ensure the success of the project.

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