What are the major causes of heel pain?

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Heel pain is a very common foot problem that occurs behind or under the heel. Sometimes this may affect the side portion of the heel. Chronic heel pain is mainly triggered by wearing flat footwear. In this article, we will discuss the major causes of chronic heel pain.

heel pain

Plantar fasciitis:

According to professional podiatrists in Perth, Plantar fasciitis is one of the major causes of chronic heel pain. This is one type of inflammation of the bowstring-like ligament, the plantar fascia. It occurs when excess pressure on the feet damages the plantar fascia, causing stiffness and chronic heel pain. There are several heel pain treatment available in Perth for Plantar fasciitis.

Sprains & strains:

Sprains & strains both are common injuries to our body, which may result from activities. These injuries can either be severe or minor, based on the type of incident. Key symptoms of sprains & strains include bruising, swelling, limited flexibility, limited flexibility, muscle spasm, etc. However, proper treatment can get rid of sprains & strains.

Achilles tendinosis:

Achilles tendinosis is another major cause of heel pain also known as degenerative tendinopathy, tendinopathy, tendinosis or tendonitis. It is one type of painful condition that is highly associated with the Achilles tendon’s progressive degeneration.


Bursae are common fluid-filled fibrous sacs found in our joints. They mainly surround the portions where muscle tissues, tendons, and skin meet the bones. Bursitis is an inflammation occurring in the bursa, the back portion of the heel. Key symptoms of bursitis include swelling, stiffness, movement loss, unflexible foot, etc.

Heel bumps:

Heel bumps are also called pump bumps mostly found in teenagers. Key symptoms of heel bumps include unable to walk, redness or swelling on the heel, calluses, inflammation, chronic pain, blisters, etc. 

Other causes include:

Achilles tendon rupture
Calcaneal cysts
Calcaneal fracture
Poor running or walking posture 
Soft tissue mass
Baxter’s nerve entrapment
Bone bruise
Short flexor tendon tear
Systemic arthritis such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, psoriatic arthritis, etc
Plantar fascia tear
Issues with circulation

There are some home remedies used for treating chronic heel pain. These remedies will heal your pain temporarily. For the long-term result, you should consult with professional podiatrists in Perth.

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