What are the Factors of IVF Treatment costs in Varanasi?

by New Life Hospital IVF Hospital in Varanasi

As a person proceeds with IVF treatment in any given city or country, IVF cost comes as one of the first points of concern in his or her mind. While IVF treatment doesn’t come cheap, one still needs to find the best and most reasonably priced IVF plan for their specific treatment purpose.

Let’s say you are searching for IVF in Varanasi while keeping the best IVF costs. So, the first thing you need to analyze is the elements and components that may impact the entire cost of the same treatment process.

Well, you need not worry as we hereby list down some of the most common components of IVF treatment cost in Varanasi that you need to take into consideration.

1. Medicines cost

You may be liable to pay a certain IVF cost in Varanasi during the start of your IVF journey. Moreover, as it proceeds, you may require certain medicines and hormonal injections to support the overall treatment process.

These medicines and injections may help prepare your body for the treatment and would further ensure a healthy pregnancy and delivery. So, this must come into the picture as you calculate the overall IVF treatment cost in Varanasi.

2. Donor Cost

There may be a chance the eggs and sperm of the couples under treatment are not feasible enough for IVF treatment at the infertility center in Varanasi. In this case, you have to bring in a sperm donor or egg donor to ensure successful conception.

The sperm donor and egg donor cost may carry in India depending upon the egg donor and sperm donor agency you are in connection with. Still, as per estimates, a sperm donor would cost you between 8k to 12 k while an egg donor may cost you between 50k and 80k.

So, depending on your particular case scenario, you can take these costs while calculating IVF costs.

3. Sperm injection cost

You may come across a situation where the doctor at infertility centers in Varanasi may have to directly inject the sperm into the women’s body to fertilize the egg. This would happen if the male partner got certain issues with their sperm like low or poor sperm count.  In such cases, you may have to shell out somewhere between 20k to 40k as a part of the IVF cost in Varanasi.

4. PGD or PGS

While Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis is referred to as PGD, PGS is referred to as Pre-implantation genetic screening. In order to ensure that only the best embryos are implanted into a woman's uterus, these techniques are used to check embryos for any genetic medical conditions. It is a very helpful technique for couples who want to avoid passing genetic disorders to their offspring but have them themselves. Typically, this may cost you 5k per embryo at random infertility centers in Varanasi.

5. IVF center fees

Apart from all these costs, the IVF centre may charge you certain fees in return for their expertise and services. This cost varies as per the clinic and you can check the same on their official website. Still, as you calculate the overall IVF treatment cost in Varanasi, IVF center fees make up a big part of it.

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