IVF in Varanasi: What is the Right Time to Consult an Expert?

by New Life Hospital IVF Hospital in Varanasi

Pregnancy planning may come as a difficult task for many. Still, if you have prepared your mind to have a child but are experiencing problems conceiving, it may be time to look forward to your available options.

Many people overlook the fact that both men and women can experience infertility. Besides, there is always a 50/50 chance that one partner will experience infertility issues in every couple. That said, we put through 7 case scenarios where you must consult with IVF doctors in Varanasi or any other city around the world.

IVF Children Health Risks as They Get Older

  1. You haven’t conceived after 12+ months of sexual activity

It typically takes a couple between five and six months to conceive. Moreover, you might wish to visit infertility clinics in Varanasi if you are under 35 and have engaged in unprotected intercourse (sex without using any type of birth control) over the past 12 months.

  1. You’re more than 35 years of age

The quantity and quality of our eggs decline as we age.  Hence, you may wish to contact IVF doctors in Varanasi if you are 35 years of age or older and have been trying to get pregnant for six months without using birth control.

On the other side, if you are 40 years of age or older, you are considered to be at high risk for infertility, thus you may want to start by visiting a fertility specialist. At this period, you are more susceptible to miscarriage.

  1. You’ve experienced three miscarriages or more.

A miscarriage occurs when the pregnancy ends before 20 weeks have passed from conception. The most common reason for miscarriage is an improper number of chromosomes in the egg or sperm, which prevents a fertilized egg from developing appropriately. Besides, early developmental issues, such as an egg with structural flaws or poor implantation in the uterus, can potentially result in miscarriage.

Hence, you should think about working with a specialist to check your health while you are trying to get pregnant if you have experienced two or more miscarriages. Moreover, you should be aware of any major conditions that may be causing these miscarriages.

  1. Your partner struggles to get or keep an erection

Making an appointment with a male IVF doctor in Varanasi is simple. These professionals, known as urologists or andrologists, are knowledgeable in the male reproductive system. They can help you discover a remedy for these issues.

  1. Are you getting irregular or no periods with heavy bleeding

Any of the following signs could be a sign of a reproductive problem:

No period: There’s a chance you’re not ovulating.

Irregular periods: The issue could be brought on by an ovulation malfunction or by your brain sending the incorrect hormone signals.

Bleeding in between cycles:  A uterine polyp, fibroid, or cervical lesion may be to blame for bleeding between periods or after intercourse.

Heavy bleeding during periods: Your period is especially heavy if you bleed for longer than seven days, use more than one pad or tampon per hour for several hours, or pass blood clots bigger than the size of a quarter. A uterine fibroid or an endocrine anomaly may be the cause of this. We strongly advise that you visit your doctor from infertility clinics in Varanasi.

  1. Having a history of sexually transmitted diseases

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs), formerly known as sexually transmitted illnesses, are communicated through sexual contact. Moreover, certain infections and inflammation may result from these not being checked on time.

In women, they may result in fallopian tube scarring, which might stop the egg and sperm from ever fusing. Moreover, they may result in recurrent infections in men, which may harm sperm motility, function, and count.

  1. You Suffer From a Chronic Illness

As you likely already know if you have a chronic or ongoing medical issue, you must always stay in touch with your physician. Fertility is not any different from that. We advise you to contact a reproductive professional offering IVF in Varanasi if you suffer from any of the following ailments or conditions:

  • Diabetes
  • Genetic conditions
  • Heart condition
  • Hypertension
  • Kidney disease
  • thyroid disorder

Even if this process could appear intimidating, you can find many kind professionals offering IVF in Varanasi guiding you through it. That said, if any of the aforementioned reasons apply to you, you can find out the answers to your questions by simply consulting an IVF expert.

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