What are the Common Cyber Security Challenges an Enterprise Face Today

by Sree Swaminathan Business Leader

Digital data is as crucial as money for a business today, whether it is small or large. These days, companies are adopting online ways and advanced technologies to ease the workflow. Although it has made employees work easier, this has imposed a great threat on enterprise data security. Malicious software, Phishing attacks are a few common cyber security threats that can steal business data. Preparing businesses for such kinds of challenges can protect them from unauthorised threats. Below are the common cyber security challenges enterprises face today.  


Malware is a type of malicious form of software that is designed to harm a computer system. When malware enters a system, it typically performs malicious acts like stealing, deleting, or encrypting data, monitoring users’ activity, or hijacking core computing operations. The common types of malwares are worms, Trojan horses, viruses and spyware. 



Nowadays, malicious hackers use phishing attacks to let malware access business data. It is a form of social engineering attack; a hacker uses a false identity to trick business employees into providing delicate data through emails. It is often challenging for organisations to identify such activity without close inspection, so choosing one of the best cyber security companies Perth, can help avoid the risk posed by phishing attacks. They know how to identify such emails.  

IoT Vulnerability  

Today companies of different sizes and industries willingly adopt IoT (Internet of Things) devices to help them analyse customer and client behaviour and make their marketing process easier. However, despite the incredible popularity of IoT devices, the threat of data breaches is immensely rising. The Internet of Things trends usage increasing rapidly, and without any cybersecurity services in Perth, the threat will grow continuously.  

Human Error


In an organisation, employees can unintentionally and mistakenly allow intruders to access the system, thus eventually letting data breaches. With advanced technology, hackers can access companies’ login details that lead to cyber-attacks. Therefore, the lack of awareness in employees can pose the businesses most significant cybersecurity issues.  

Effective Ways to Strengthen System  

Cyber risks and data breaches are inevitable, and unfortunately, every day, the power of hackers is rising. So, it becomes essential that employees must be sensitised to the hacking issues. Conducting data security analysis with the help of cyber security in Perth has become essential to identify suspicious activity in the system and safeguard it before any disaster. Here are the ways to prevent cyber security from the business. 

  • Training employees for cybersecurity issues.  
  • Investing in a robust cybersecurity team  
  • Backup data  
  • Secure email  
  • Regular data monitoring  


In today’s world, every business technology is connected over the Internet. With the newer ideas and innovations coming to the forefront, it has become easy for cybercriminals to access sensitive information over an unprotected network. Fortunately, there is a cyber security services provider that can help reduce data access to intruders.    

Partner with empower ICT, a leading managed it services and cyber security provider in Perth, Australia. It has helped several businesses being a victim of cyber-attacks and phishing scams. It has the team of the right IT partner that is qualified to access, design and implement more cost-effective layered cybersecurity strategies.  

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