What are the automotive market trends of 2018?

by Nikita Goyal Digital Enthusiast

Technology is always on the rise in modern times, courtesy of the constant development and innovations we are privy to in today's day-and age. One major industry that has adopted this technology extensively to propagate their growth is the automotive industry. One can see quite clearly as to why this is the case – automotive cars require the highest-end technology to stay ahead of the curve and edge out their opposition. Thus, one of the best ways to facilitate this change in the company is by adopting the latest digital technology to promote connected car solutions and improve the overall functionality of the automotive industry as a whole. If you wish to satiate your curiosity, then here are the major automotive industry trends of 2018 that you should know about:

Embedded Infotainment

It’s a general human tendency to obtain the highest degree of comfort possible, and this holds true even while driving. In order to achieve the highest level of responsiveness and comfort possible while driving, it's important to integrate the latest connected car technology. We say this because doing so can prove to be a massive help in propagating the notion of 3D and augmented navigation, enabling multimedia support at all levels, providing smart apps for heightened mobility services, promoting high-speed connectivity, and enabling intuitive user experiences that don’t come in the way of your driving experience.


A major advantage of utilising connected car solutions in the automotive industry is the facilitation of an unprecedented level of connectivity across all levels when it comes to automotive cars. In this context, telematics plays a major role since it enables drivers and passengers to stay connected at all times and across all levels through the utilisation of this technology. Through the leveraging of a telematics control unit (TCU), one can incorporate a cellular communication structure to create an automated system that will help facilitate this automotive connectivity across the avenues you want.

Connected Safety

The need to promote driver safety is becoming increasingly important in the modern age, especially due to the increasing frequency of accidents and road mishaps all across the world. Thus, the industry needs to utilise connected car solutions to prevent such negative occurrences. This lofty goal can be accomplished with ease by keeping track of various metrics such as driver fatigue and providing the driver with an absolute view of their surroundings so that they can stay aware of what's happening around them at all times.


As the technology of automotive cars progresses over time, it's obvious that people would want certain safeguards set in place to protect this technology from any external threats. Thus, a need will undoubtedly arise to increase overall security levels so that any cyber attacks can be avoided. As connected car technology becomes more prominent, the prospect of using self-driven cars is quickly becoming a reality. This makes the requirement of improved cyber safety all the more important due to the disturbing implications of a debilitating online attack that can cause the entire system to go haywire, causing widespread panic amongst the masses.

It’s pretty apparent that these auto industry trends will dominate 2018, facilitating a new form of transportation that will completely transform the way we commute from the ground up. It’s only a matter of time before these car industry trends finally take over and transform our lives as we know it.

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