What Are The 10 Most Essential Headshot Photography Tips

by Alex Smith Internet Marketing

You need to understand the basic facts about taking headshots photos is that it's a lot more than pointing your camera at someone and clicking. Professional headshots are costly because there's a great deal of knowledge, skill, and experience required to take headshots that are truly professional quality. This blog will help you know good headshot photography tips.


1) Lighting is the critical element of every photograph taken. You can have all the camera gear globally, but if your lighting is terrible, so will be the resulting image.

The first rule of photography is that the professional photographer can't fix it in post-processing. It means that whatever kind of lighting you choose to use has to be suitable for what you're shooting and for the outcome you want.

2) Lighting a headshot means less than results

It is the biggest mistake amateurs make when taking these shots. They buy one of those lamps with three bulbs in it and think they can get great results. It doesn't work that way! The more light you use, the worse your headshot will look - it's as simple as that.

3) You want to create a one-directional light source.

It is the critical element of taking great headshots. Several companies sell products specifically designed for this, but you can improvise with what you have at home. The goal here is to reduce shadows as much as possible and make them softer and complimentary. So, it is necessary to check shutter speed, camera lens, photo editing for headshot photos.

It means that instead of having all the light in your scene coming from one point, you want everything to come from the same direction.

4) The best position for the subject is directly against a wall or backdrop that has enough texture to diffuse shadows.

This being said, it will be difficult for your subject to keep their eyes open if they're standing this way. The fix is to have a table with a "V" shaped top to rest their elbows while leaning their head against the wall. This way, you'll see both eyes and have a nice, flattering shadow on each side of their face.

5) In an ideal scenario, you will use three different lights. Two of them are diffused (softboxes or umbrellas), and one should be un-diffused to create specular highlights.

6) The primary light source will come from the camera's left, slightly above eye level and at about a 30-degree angle to your subject's face.

The key here is to defuse the enormous light source.

7) There will be a fill light that comes from the camera's right at about 45 degrees to your subject's face, but just behind you. Depending on your camera's settings, this can either be an un-diffused or diffused light source (if you can adjust this).

8) Then, there will be a kicker. A kicker is another light located behind you and at about 7-10 degrees higher than the eye level of your subject. It is the most crucial element in achieving professional headshots quality.

The only purpose of the kicker is to create highlights in your subject's hair because that's what people focus on. The kicker doesn't have to be diffused, and it shouldn't cast shadows, so leave it undiffused and turn off its diffusion.

9) The drawback of using this setup for headshots is that you often end up with shadows under your subject's nose and chin, but these can easily be fixed in post-processing.

10) You can use several tools to make the lighting work for you: reflectors, grids, and gels (if your light source is un-diffused). These will help you further control shadows and highlights created by the three primary light sources.

These headshot photography tips are enough to guide you properly using the lights and camera. So photographers can follow these tricks for fantastic clicks, whereas the employer can hire experts after polishing their knowledge.

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