What Are A CPA’s Advice for Having Better Prospect Meetings?

by Stuart Iles Partners Tax Consulting
A CPA firm in Hobart assists their B2B clients to win new businesses and achieve satisfactory results significantly in the meetings with new clients. New client acquisition is the never-ending lookout for every business, so numerous regional and local firms in Hobart take help from CPA accountants in their business development efforts. The CPA accountants understand how important is it to invest in the new business meeting opportunities. The returns on investment results in paying off in acquiring many new clients.

At the mass gathering of different business firms, the new business meetings are typically treated as other meetings. A lead professional or the partner is likely to look at the website of the prospect, get engaged in five or ten minutes call regarding the meeting with associates or legal advisors which discussion might not be anything substantive, and could circulate an internal notice about the meeting possible to be held at the conference room. The meeting is not the one that is positioned internally being a warranting preparation when very few is done.


Considering that several clients are retained over the years with the committed revenue stream being substantial, there is a chance for the real opportunity to be ignored.

Business Firm Management in the Post-COVID World
When the business owners think with exclusive resources beyond this patience, with the help of the CPA Accountants, then together they can build up a winning and booming virtual patience.

i. Professional Tone and Right Timing
According to the CPA accountants’ guidance, during the meeting, certain posture must be assumed. The “seller” firm should appear as relaxed regarding the likelihood of acquiring a new client, and never seem over-eagerness to get it done.  A victory is always to be cherished, but if it is otherwise, then other chances are not gone. A buyer or rather the prospect will not show interest if the seller is anxious about closing the deal. The prospect could think about why the firm should desperately need their business. This thought might lead to inappropriate conclusions. That is why; the smart thing to do is remaining positive and focussing on the meeting with a professional and confident appearance. In mind, the sale could be assumed unless declared by the prospect. It helps to speak in a confident tone and calm down eagerness.

In any case, the seller is not the one dominating the clock during the meeting. The prospect rules it all. The prospect says the time when he/she is ready for starting a business with you. He could make a suggestion for another meeting at a particular time, he could request for making a proposal, or when he will be ready to be engaged in the firm.

ii. Why Should The Prospects Be Choosing To Do Business With You?
The CPA Accountant will always help you to understand the prospect's mindset, gain success in the meeting, and start with business in Hobart. The prospect is always the centre of attention and his words are important. As the CPA Accountants explain, a few key points are essential to the prospect:

  • The reputation of the firm
  • The proven business acumen
  • The best questions asked by the firm
  • The differentiators of the firm
  • The firm did listen to the prospect
  • The firm did make the prospect feel special
  • The firm did like the team
  • The firm did agree with the summary
  • The firm did appreciate the pre-meeting planning
  • The firm had liked whatever he had seen, like the professionalism and office environment and staffs
  • The firm representatives had included the prospect in the total discussion
  • The firm is having good knowledge about the industry and business
  • The firm did convince the prospect eventually about adding value to the company.
The fundamental reason for the CPA Accountants understanding their importance is energizing the firms and convincing the prospects about the firm offering specialized, unique, and different products and services. The CPA Accountants will emphasize the points to be highlighted and talked about.

Hence the brand managers work through the breaches for differentiating their brand and products from their competitors. Your brand cannot be everything to everyone and is sure to gain greater market share by getting yourself specialized in specific markets and delivering better value-added services.

Since your task is to sell an intangible essentially, it will be delivered with hope and promise. The prospect will not invest in the firm to encounter a test ride or feel the heavyweight and not want to be dazzled by the well-designed packaging. The challenge is the firm has to be extremely tangible. The CPA Accountants state that when the prospect should get something strong to hold on to.

Developing a series of case studies is one of the key strategies to illustrate the way the firm functions and solves our problems to lead the prospects to think the firm has solved a problem for their prospects' clients, and so the firm will resolve their issue too.

iii. The Planned-Out Meeting
The first meeting always has the goal to arrange a second meeting, when a conclusion is not drawn to the assignment. The following timeline as stated by the CPA Accountants helps to achieve the particulars.

  • Establishing an initial rapport
  • Commencing the meeting by distributing the agenda where the firm and differentiation’s key points are described
  • Asking the necessary key questions
  • Sharing the case histories
  • Identifying the prospects’ challenges
  • Confirming the prospects’ challenges
  • Setting the project engagement and second meeting
The key questions must for asking include:

i. What is the prospects’ business exactly?
ii. What are the areas and services where the prospects’ business excels?
iii. How will you justify the reason for working with you and your accountants?
iv. What is their ideal relationship with their clients? The CPA Accountants can take responsibility for this matter.
v. What are the specific attention deserving areas of their business? Whether they can share their first thoughts?
vi. Can you share some case histories of success perfect for reflecting your identities and capabilities?
vii. How can you work together to solve the neglected areas?

The discussion centres around the way the CPA Accountants will be able to help you with your business perspectives and efforts. They are ideal to guide in understanding the factor necessary to make successful opportunity meetings for new businesses.

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