Whale Watching Spots in Australia You Have to Visit

by Nina S. content writer

We often hear that whales are the largest mammals on Earth. Most of us have read the numbers and seen plenty of pictures, but nothing compares to the real deal. Seeing whales in person, swimming beside them and experiencing these gigantic and magnificent animals has to be on your life's to-do list! You can find such adventures all around Australia, as its unique position is ideal for whale-watching adventures throughout the year. Below is our curated list of great spots that should appear on your vacation list!

1. Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is also part of the UNESCO heritage sites and is a unique place in our world. It alone is responsible for many complex functions in the ocean marine life, as well as being an ideal playground for humpback whales' young. From May till September, you will always find something to see and do here. The sight of the unique Great Barrier Reef combined with humpback whales that guide their young is straight out of a fairy tale. Whitsunday Islands have shallow and warm waters which are ideal for humpback whales and us. Once you dive right in it's hard to get back and stop.

2. Whales around Sydney

Even though many confuse it with the capital of Australia, Sydney's large population does not deter humpback whales. Sydney is along their way to Queensland, and you can get a guided tour ranging in luxury. Groups that embark on this scenic travel are usually small, not more than ten, and you will have the full attention of all guides. Some even offer exotic swimming and up-close watching, so you can fully grasp the majesty of humpback whales. Sydney can also serve as a jumping point for all further travels, as this biggest city in Australia can fill your batteries in no time. Just as whales use their coast to rest and continue their journey to Queensland, you too can follow their example.

3. Whales in Western Australia

From June till November, you will find no shortage of adventures along the western shore of Australia. Its prime spot Perth offers some of the best spots for humpback whales, and southern right whales to observe in their natural habitat. Perth serves as a jumping point towards three major attractions. You can start from the southern part, in Albany’s rugged coastline. 

Their humpback whales relax to mate and give birth to calves, replenishing their numbers and healing the species. Right next to it is Bremer Bay, where you can find and observe the largest congregation of killer whales before they continue their journey. Next is the family-friendly Geographer Bay in Dunsborough, where humpback whales and dolphins meet. Witnessing the miracle and wonderful sights of these two species swimming together in the great blue ocean will bring a smile to your face. 

There is plenty of organised and certified whale watching Australia tours to get you started on the right track, and you are only a click away. Last but not least is the Ningaloo Reef in Exmouth. The Ningaloo Reef is famous because here you can swim with whale sharks. It may sound terrifying, but with a trained guard and safety precautions, it's an unforgettable and adrenalin-filled adventure.

4. Whales of Queensland

When you are in Queensland, your base of operations becomes Brisbane. From it, you can book a short trip of around 300 kilometers to Hervey Bay. A tranquil oasis of natural beauty, Hervey Bay is nestled in the protection of its surrounding Fraser Islands. If you come here in early September, you will be able to witness to wonders of humpback whales, which were using Hervey Bay long before Australia's discovery. In this incredible resort, you can see first-hand how humpback whales’ mate, breed or nurse their young. When they are not doing anything, you can see them frolicking around and being playful. 

Besides whale activity, you can also participate in some human activities around the bay. The Hervey Bay Whale Festival fills the streets with joy, celebration and veneration of whales. It is even possible to swim besides dwarf minke whales, but those require you to pick out a guided and trained professional by your side. Luckily for you, there are plenty available, and the ideal time is in Jun and July. 

During your holiday you will see how intelligent and playful these creatures are, who can provide fun for the entire family. Under control and guidance, you can even experience hours of swimming and diving with whales. Some are even so friendly that they may come close to eye contact, or even allow you to come near their young. Whatever happens here, we are sure it will be unforgettable for you.

Adventures abound, once we step out of our comfort zones. Seeing exotic animals like whales can make us more appreciative of such species and the planet we share with them. Since Earth is 80% water, we are hardly the primary species. Whales need all the help they can get from us, as we share the same space and depend on each other, in more ways than we know. The sooner you book your vacation to see these leviathans of Mother Nature, the sooner you can gaze upon their majestic figure. We wish you all the best!

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