WFH for Single Parents Guide: How to Create a Functional and Healthy Working Environment

by Ronald Wolf Business Consultant

If you seem to be too tired during the work process, experiencing stress and generally feel unproductive, you may just be uncomfortable. There is such a science — ergonomics. About human interaction with his work environment. Simply put, science is about how to make work pleasant and effective?

For example, Iron Man's workplace is neat and atmospheric — disposed to work. But Neo from the Matrix clearly did not read about the table and under-table storage levels. Okay, lets put jokes aside and figure it out!

The table is the head of everything

Selecting a table is the main task when organising a workplace. The rest of the furniture and decor will be built around it. The work surface should be large enough to accommodate all the tools that are used regularly.

The standard size of an office desk is 1200×60x75 cm. If you only check your mail occasionally, a small table will be enough. To put a laptop and a cup of coffee. If you work remotely all the time, take a look at the multi-functional large tables.

Place what you use all the time in the “grip space” — an area of ​​the table that you can easily grasp with your hands. It is easier to adjust the seating height with the seat. When you sit, your feet should not rest on the table, cabinets and storage boxes.

Which chair to choose?

The work chair should be as comfortable as possible. It bears the main concern for our body. The correct positioning of the legs and arms will help avoid health problems and ensure an efficient workflow.

A good chair for the workplace must meet the following criteria:

Height-adjustable soft seat - feet should reach the floor and bend at a 90-degree angle.

Ergonomic backrest with adjustable tilt for back support and proper blood circulation in the body.

Home office storage furniture

There are three levels of storage required for work - above the table, on the table and under the table. For maximum convenience, use all three levels. Above the table, shelves for books and office equipment are useful, under the table there are cabinets and drawers.

Arrange furniture so that everything can be easily reached. Place shelves and bookcases above the table. Place cabinets and boxes for documents and other necessary things under the table.

Don't forget about all kinds of coasters, holders, boxes and dividers.

Don’t forget about resting

From time to time, take breaks for gymnastics, including for the eyes, be distracted by what improves your mood and allows your brain to relax, it can be a great time to play with kids. The decor and accessories for the workplace are also noteworthy, inspiration is the best motivator!

Where can you organise your workspace?

Unfortunately, not everyone in the house has the opportunity to allocate a separate room for an office. But if you are one of the lucky ones, make the most of the opportunity. Don't skimp on storage space and be sure to equip the lounge area with a soft sofa or armchair.

If there is no separate room, it doesn't matter! Set up your work area where there is room. Most often, people choose a living room for these purposes. Ideally, before the renovation, you need to think over the general functionality of the room, a single style and zoning with the workplace.

Partitions, screens or a large floor rack, which will also become a place for storing things, are suitable for separating the workplace.

If the living room seems too noisy for work, the bedroom is a better option. Often in the bedroom, there is an opportunity to place a table by the window and go about your business in a relaxed atmosphere. 

Nice and useful decor

Even the workspace is dull without decor. Eye-pleasing things will inspire and motivate you: photos of loved ones, pictures from magazines, postcards, beautiful book dividers, folders, bookmarks and memorabilia like a favourite toy or souvenir from a trip. The great choice is fresh flowers that will cheer your eyes and fill the office with a nice smell. The main thing is that these objects do not clutter up space, have their place and cheer you up.

For a working mood, print or write motivating quotes on stickers, make lists of upcoming tasks for the day, week, month. Charts, calendars, and schedules help you plan your workflow wisely. You can fix all this with buttons, pins or even just tape on a special board (magnetic or cork).

And three super-tips for workplace Zen as a bonus


To make the work go even faster - place all the most important in front of your eyes. For example, on the wall. To do this, you can glue the wall with a cork and pin everything to it with buttons.

Hang a net, or simply stretch the ropes over the table and attach the papers to clothespins. Paint the wall with slate paint and write down everything important on it. All this will also help define the boundaries of the workspace.


In any business, the main thing is inspiration. To feel morally “uplifted” and to awaken the desire to “move mountains,” surround yourself with things that inspire you. Fashion photoshoots or photos of cats. In your "office" you are free to do whatever you want.


We are all different. Someone gets up at dawn, full of strength and energy, someone "wakes up" closer to the night. When working from home, choose a convenient time. It doesn't matter if it is morning, day or night, the main thing is that at this time you concentrate as much as possible on the tasks set.


Whatever your workplace, the main thing is that you personally like it! If things don't go well and are always put off until later, maybe you just feel uncomfortable doing them? It is much more pleasant to work sitting at a good table in a comfortable chair surrounded by things that motivate you to new achievements or just please the eye. Have fun and devote more time to what really matters.

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