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My interest in cooking started with my family when I was around 6 years old. They dubbed me the 'little taster' as I was always tasting and recommending different herbs and flavors to compliment what was being cooked. We had alot of fun cooking together. These were the seeds that eventually led me to a culinary program, to open several cafe's and a restaurant.

I took all of this experience and then channeled it into Angie's Secret Garden Personal Chef Service based in Boulder, CO. Over time, I started becoming more aware of the impact that food has on our health. At the time, I knew how to cook for flavor but not necessarily for health as I just wasn't thinking that way - yet.

I bought a cafe that was entirely vegan, which at the time seemed strange to me. However, it started opening my eyes to the power of plant based diets and of diet in general as a tool for achieving vibrant health - as opposed to what so many of us, including myself, were unconsciously doing (the opposite). I looked at my food, and at myself in the mirror, and realized it was time to make a change!

I quickly started learning 'healthier' dishes and promoting them in our restaurant. People loved them! I experimented with different recipes for different diet types. The further down this rabbit hole I went, the more confusing the topic became. There was a new diet fad every two weeks and it was tough to make sense of it all. As a result, I decided to complete Bauman College's program to become a nutrition consultant. As a result, I discovered why there is so much confusion about diets in general. There is no perfect diet for anyone, only a perfect diet for a given person based on their situation. Some simple blood testing can give a scientifically oriented snapshot of what is actually going on in your body at any given time. Analyzing the results can give us a clear base from which to build our health without having to resort to hit or miss diet fad tactics.

Even though I thought I was eating the 'healthiest' foods available, I was still struggling with weight gain, depression and the worst part was anxiety. The clarity I gained through testing saved me so much confusion and wasted time as I could see exactly which of my systems needed the most support, and at any given time going forward I could make educated decisions on how best to support my body as it strengthened and as my nutrient panels improved.

My success was all the encouragement I needed to start offering Nutrition Counseling services to my personal chef clients.

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Most of us intend to improve our health by upgrading our diets but between figuring out which diet to focus on, and the time it takes to actually implement, we frequently see these goals keep getting pushed out into the future. This is exactly why I have combined the convenience of my personal chef services (provided in Boulder, CO since 2011) with a free initial Nutrition Consultation. I want my work to be delicious and convenient for my clients, but more than anything I want to have a real lasting impact on their well being.

“Angie has been cooking for us for almost a year, and this allows us to have more time to do the things we love rather than cooking. It’s such a breeze.She designs a menu, shops, cooks and cleans. All of the food is organic and based on our dietary restrictions and preferences. If you add up all of the time and money spent eating out and/or preparing your own meals, having Angie’s service is a no-brainer.

We give her a great reference and highly recommend her services. Angie is also very pleasant to work with and she has a wealth of knowledge in the holistic foods and nutrition industry.”

–Stephanie Long

The Personal Chef Service with Free Initial Nutrition Consultation is designed to appeal specifically to professionals who have good intentions, but find the extra time required to cook healthy meals too restrictive. For these individuals, and their families, we provide the following:

Nutrition Consulting - this is simply a powerful way to turn our personal chef service into something far beyond just a delicious convenience. Tantalizingly scrumptious meals delivered to your door that are also specifically designed to support your bodies exact nutritional requirements set the stage for real success. Doing the right thing to support healthy choices is easy when all the ingredients for success are constantly at your fingertips. From lab derived nutritional knowledge (blood testing) to delicious meals and snacks - this puts the odds in your favor!

Fresh Prepared Meals Delivered To Your Door - This was made part of the service, as busy professionals typi

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