Ways to protect your outdoor TV

by Julia M. Designer

Outdoor space always adds extra fun and beauty to your house. Most people use the outside area as a mini-theater; they install the TV to watch some shows and spend some time with the family. So, it indeed comes as friends and family time. But there are both advantages and disadvantages of having an outdoor TV. Some televisions are designed to offer outdoor services, but some accessories cannot stand the elements found there. So, to give both the TV and accessories a longer lifetime, you ought to adopt a protection method.


How do you protect the TV?

There are 5 ways in which you could do this. They include:


  1. Choose the right location
  2. Buy an outdoor TV cover
  3. Install a TV enclosure
  4. Build a TV cabinet
  5. Screen it in


There are other options you would choose, but these 5 serve best. They are explained below to give you a better understanding. 


1.     Choose the right location

You can extend the life of your outdoor television by placing it in the right location. Mount it in a protected area like a patio awning. This will protect it from direct sun rays, which may affect the TV's screen. Screen glare is also reduced, making it easier for you to watch. During the rainy season, the TV is protected against rainstorms, raindrops, and other effects that may arise. This extends its usable life.


It is also essential for you to place the TV high enough for everyone to view. Ensure the mount used suitable for the intended purpose. If possible, place the TV above children's reach to avoid falling.

2.     Outdoor TV cover

It is recommendable that you choose a waterproof TV cover. There are many covers in the market offered by different companies that are weatherproof. This means that they could protect your television from excessive sunlight, rainstorms, and other factors that may affect it. For proper TV protection, three types of TV covers include:


  • Full TV Covers: these cover your entire TV. They are most suitable for those televisions whose backs are accessible when mounted. Such covers are designed in a way that they will not only cover the TV but also provide storage space for the accessories.
  • Half TV covers: they cover the front part of the TV. They serve the best televisions which have been placed in hard-to-reach areas. Most of such covers drawcords to cinch the covers to the back.
  • Flip Top TV Covers: you only need to flip and roll the cover to watch. They are convenient in that they have fasteners to close and pouch to store accessories.

For best results, consider the cover's quality and its ability to cover most parts of your television. Here you can find the most suitable cover for your TV. 


3.     TV enclosure

While TV covers are good for protection, at times, you will need an enclosure. These are kinds of boxes made and mounted on the wall, in which you would place your TV. They are of different sizes and varieties depending on the size of your TV.


Some types of TV enclosures include Storm shell, Patio, Wood, among others. Enclosures are more convenient and secure. You cannot destroy your television even in the case of strong storms. To select the best enclosure, consider your TV's size and how much security the enclosure would offer to the TV.


4.     TV Cabinet

An outdoor TV cabinet is more like an enclosure, only that this one is larger. You can install a one-door cabinet to keep your television out of the elements of weather. Consequently, you can build a big outdoor cabinet system that allows the storage of more items. In this, you can store the accessories, TV covers, the television itself, and other relevant items.


5.     Screen It In

What would you do if you needed to cover your TV and had a protected porch? Use it, right?

You can protect your outdoor TV by screening the porch on which it is stored. Since the porch is covered, you will protect your screen from sun rays and other elements. This prolongs your TV's lifetime.



You need to have your outdoor television offer you service for a long time, right? Then, there are basic things you ought to do. Among them is protecting it.


There are various ways in which you could protect the TV. Among them are choosing the right location and acquiring a TV enclosure. Other than these, you can also install a TV cabinet, use an outdoor TV cover, or screen it in! So, we have brought the best possible ideas for the better protection of your outdoor mini-theater, so protect your outdoor TV now!

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