Warning signs your Car Brakes need Maintenance Immediately

by Ritz Garage Car Repair and MOT Centre Birmingham

As a car driver, you of course understand the importance of having top-notch brakes in your beloved car. They are the single most important part of your ride after all. However, you’d actually be surprised to know how often brake maintenance is overlooked. Driving without properly maintained brakes can not only lead to permanent damages to your car but can also lead to deadly disasters on the road.

People often have a misconception that their car does not need any Brake Repair Birmingham or maintenance for the first 7000 to 12,000 miles on an average, but that’s not entirely true as several other factors may affect the way your braking system works. Factors like your personal driving style, quality of your brake pads and fluid, the type of traffic you face while driving- all of these affect how long your brakes may last.

If you are unsure whether you should have your brakes checked and repaired or not, don’t worry because some tell-tale signs are indicating that you may need to have them right now.

Your car’s brake light is ON.

The first and foremost sign indicating that your ride may be due for a visit to the auto shop is the red or yellow exclamation light blinking on your dashboard. These are the electronics of your car that are alerting you about a problem your car’s system may be facing. A parking brake that is currently engaged also causes the lights to go on so make sure that’s not the case.

Strange sounds when brakes are applied.

If you are hearing any strange rumbling or gurgling sounds while driving or applying brakes, it may signify that some rubble or gravel has gotten into the calliper of your car’s system and this is something that can be easily taken care of. However, this may also be an indication of your braking system is in dire need of maintenance. Any sort of sound coming out of your car is a serious indication that it must be taken for servicing as one may be long due.

Burning smell from your car while driving.

Just like any sort of sound coming out of your car is bad, what do you think a burning smell may mean? Nothing good period. Burning chemical smells coming from your car after a few hard brakes are indicators that your brakes are overheated.

Vibrating braking pedals.

Everyone’s familiar with the days when they were learning how to drive a car and at one point or another we’ve had to apply emergency brakes purposefully or not. The bounce-like motion and vibration followed by the emergency brakes rapidly slow down the car. If one is experiencing such motion and vibration while applying brakes normally, it is yet again a serious indicator that the brake pedals of their car need to be looked at.

Car is taking too long to stop after brakes are applied.

Whether it’s your beast of a car weighing 2 tons or a regular old bicycle belonging to the happy little kid down the block, their brake systems would pretty much work the same way. Most of these braking systems use what is called a disk brake. Overtime these disk brakes can wear out thin due to friction causing delayed brakes. One should not procrastinate taking their car for service with delayed brakes as they can lead to potentially dangerous situations while driving.

Car keeps pulling to one side.

Have you ever had to struggle to keep your steering wheel in check while driving or applying brakes? You feel like no matter how much you try to drive straight, your car keeps pulling to one side or the other. This too can signify a problem with your braking system, as the pulling may be due to a stuck calliper. If the calliper is stuck on one side, it will generate friction and your car will keep pulling towards that side.

These are the tell-tale signs your car may be throwing at you indicating that it is in dire need of a Car Service Birmingham, you can stop by Ritz Garage today and we’ll make sure that your ride and all of its systems are properly repaired and maintained.

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