Use Natural Olive Oil for a Healthy Lifestyle

by Luessi Dino I am a Writer

The usefulness of olive oil is now known to everyone. Healthy olive oil for cooking is quite popular across the globe including India. Its enriched contents have made it equally useful for skin and hair nourishment.

Olive oil has some special properties. Most of its ingredients never lose the basic characteristics even after several treatments. That means when the oil is extracted from olive or when the oil is used for cooking or formulating olive oil products, most of the ingredients remain intact. From the time people started using olive oil, it has benefited mankind in numerous ways. The various antioxidants, vitamin E, vitamin K, healthy fats, and minerals offer various health benefits. The cosmetics and beauty products rich in olive oil also enhances the skin and hair. Its various uses are no more restricted to the kitchen only but have touched every sphere of our lifestyle. Olive oil is a healthy oil in the true sense.

Olive oil for cooking

Doctors often advise us not to consume excess oily foods. Oils usually increase the blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels in the body which creates health problems. So for cooking purpose olive oil can be used as-

  • You can cook your dish in olive oil. Deep-fried food requires a good amount of oil which is often considered not good for health. But the olive oil emits antioxidant, which is absorbed by the food during frying. This enhances the nutritional value of the dish.
  • After making vegetable salads you can drizzle olive oil on it. It is a healthy oil for cooking purposes. This will enhance the taste and raise the nutritive value of your salad.
  • The fat contains in olive oil is healthy. It will not create health issues. Thus while frying or sautéing olive oil can be used.

Olive oil for good health

Leading a healthy lifestyle should be our main agenda. To stay fit, our diet should be healthy. The health benefits of olive oil are-

  • Olive oil contains oleocanthal which acts as a protective layer for the brain. This helps in reducing or even curing Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Olive oil protects the body from oxidative damage, inflammation, and epigenetic changes. It kills the cancer cells and reduces the spread of cancer in the body.
  • The antioxidant property present in the olive oil helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases, controls obesity, and repairs liver damage.
  • Olive oil can treat anxiety and depression. The oil acts as a cushion and protects the nervous system. However, researches have proved that ‘happy hormones’ are emitted from oily and fatty foods. Fast foods are unhealthy and might affect health. The unsaturated fats present in olive oil do not have health risks.

Olive oil for skin and hair care

Both the internal and external appearance of people should have equal importance. The natural olive oil used as a beauty product provides many benefits. They are-

  • Vitamin E present in olive oil enhances the texture of the skin. It prevents acne and pimples and makes your skin glow.
  • Olive oil helps to reduce hair fall and dandruff. Regularly oiling the scalp with olive oil will provide nourishment and make your hair stronger and thicker.
  • Olive oil can cure chapped lips and cracked heels. Regular use can make the lips and heals soft and smooth.

Stay healthy, eat healthily, and develop a positive outlook towards life by inculcating olive oil products in your daily life.

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