Unemployed? Your Heart Is At Greater Risk than Ever Before

by Manya Verma Health care and lifestyle

Heart related diseases are nothing new to this generation especially when you consider the fact that most of the population in today’s time eat unhealthy junk food and hardly ever exercise, some of them have not even done exercising once in their life in opinion of a cardiologist in Panchkula. Heart being one of the, main organ of the human body needs utmost protection and care as far as best cardiologist in Panchkula is concerned. Its important to take all the necessary preventive measures listed down throughout the internet in order to keep a healthy heart.

Sitting at home, doing nothing obviously puts your heart under a lot of pressure so when you’re sitting unemployed at home and enjoying your snacks at the same time what you end up doing is making your heart work and harder and when body’s one of the main organs works under pressure, its effect is borne by the whole body. Some people often argue that sitting in office whole day doing nothing but sitting on one chair also messes up the system in the same manner, but no. The effects of doing a sitting job is way lesser than compared to sitting at home doing absolutely nothing/ being unemployed in views of a heart specialist in Panchkula.

The main difference in the above two factors is that when you’re in office sitting whole day on a single chair, you end up taking few short breaks in between, where you walk a bit which helps your body with blood circulation and few other factors as well. The other factor which varies is the factor that when you’re home doing nothing you end up eating a lot more than what’s actually required by your body, i.e overeating which as it goes without saying hurts your heart in the most adverse way possible, whereas when you sit in office and work you end up focusing most of your time on work and hence eat a lot less as per the doctor of a heart specialist hospital in Chandigarh. Hence its important for you to work no matter what happens, whether you earn less or any other factor as such. The endless reasons for you to try and find some work just got bigger, so pick up your pace and buck up.

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