Types of Artificial Nails ; press on nail , stick on nails , acrylic nails & Their Pros & Cons

by Pankaj Honcho Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi
Artificial nails, also known as false nails, are types of nail extensions that enhance the look and beauty of the nails.

There are many styles, designs and types of false nails available. You can be minimalist, festive, chic, seasonal, sexy, creepy, kawaii, literally anything you want with fake nails.

Whether you want to celebrate individuality, artistry, or the season, or want to add a touch of class to your outfit, we recommend getting fake nails.

However, it is important to know ahead of time that false nails need to be cared for in order to maintain their appearance and look fresh.

Nail technicians recommend filing artificial nails every 2-3 weeks.

Different Types of False Nails
Ready for weeks of beautiful nails? Here are the types of fake nails available today that you can choose from:

Acrylic nails
One of the most popular types of fake nails are acrylic nails, which can be applied as full false nails or as tip extensions.

Acrylic nails are a combination of polymer powder and liquid monomer to form a paste that is applied to the natural nail.

Acrylic nails

Once applied and cured, acrylic nails harden within minutes, after which they can be given any shape and length.

In general, acrylic nails are the cheapest, longest lasting, and thickest of all artificial nails. Because they don't chip, acrylic nails are perfect for active women.

However, you should touch it up after 2-3 weeks as your nails grow back over time.

If you are interested, please buy these full coverage acrylic nail tips and try to design them by yourself.

  • Affordable
  • Helps stop chewing habits
  • Long-lasting
  • Perfect with poorly structured nails or non-existent nails
  • Suitable for weak and brittle nails


  • uses too many harsh chemicals
  • Produces toxic odor and acrid fumes
  • can damage your natural nails
  • can look fake
  • needs to be refilled every month

Gel nails

If you're looking for a type of nail manicure that looks natural and protects your real nails, then gel nails are the way to go.

Gel nails are made of acrylic gel that cures under ultraviolet (UV) light or an LED nail lamp.

This nail option is done in three steps: apply base coat, apply nail polish and apply top coat to natural nails.

After each coat, the nails will be placed under a UV lamp for approximately two minutes to dry and harden.

Gel Nail

If you are someone who works with your hands or have an active lifestyle, then this type of nail extension is not for you as it is not as strong and durable as regular acrylic.

One of the best things about gel nails is that they do not require frequent refilling like acrylic nails.

Plus, this false nail option has a glossy finish and often lasts longer than regular nail polish.

  • feels flexible and natural
  • fast to apply
  • Gentler and safer on nails
  • set faster
  • Available in a wide range of colors and patterns

  • too expensive
  • need to change more often
  • not so durable
  • that ain't gonna last long

Nail wraps

Nail wraps, also known as nail polish strips or nail stickers, are stickers made by cutting pieces of material such as silk, linen, or fiberglass cloth to fit the nail bed. These wraps will then be sealed onto your nails with a layer of glue or resin.

These nail stickers can be easily applied at home or on the go.

This nail art manicure is perfect if you want to get a quick manicure without spending a lot of time and money going to the nearest salon.

However, nail wraps will not be as durable or strong as compared to other nail and false nail products.

Nails wraps

However, nail wraps are great, especially if you're looking for a cheap and easy DIY nail art option for any occasion.


  • effortless nail design
  • no more mess
  • Zero drying time

  • limited creativity
  • dries very fast
  • Intensive nail preparation.
  • Possibly damage the nails.

Poly Gel Nails

If you want to combine the benefits of gel and acrylic nails, ask your nail technician for a full set of polygel nails.

Poly Gel Nails is a hybrid nail enhancement formula that combines the best features of gel and acrylic nails such as personality, flexibility, and durability.

Like gel and acrylic nails, you can use poly gel nails to fill in, shape, layer, or even enhance your natural nails. In addition, it cures under UV light after application.

Luckily, these types of false nails are easy to apply. Although polygel nails offer the same benefits as gel and acrylic nails, they are much lighter than them.

The durability of these false nails depends on how well they are applied. Polygel nails can usually last up to three weeks when properly applied by a certified nail technician.


  • Can be filed easily with buffer and nail file
  • Cure faster under an LED light
  • flexible and strong
  • Very light and comfortable to wear


  • Can cause heat spikes if applied incorrectly
  • Much more expensive than other fake nails

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