Two Closet Decluttering Secrets Revealed

by Kevin Smith Author

Most modern closet designs in San Francisco, CA allow for effortless organization. Besides that convenience, you'll gain more storage capacity if you take the time to rethink what's in your wardrobe and get rid of everything that no longer serves you. Here are a couple of ways to do just that.

Give Yourself Some Real Talk
Everyone has a fantasy self, the version that isn't even remotely close to their real personality. It's the ideal you in an ideal world.

Haven't figured out yours yet? Look around your home. Maybe your kitchen is filled with untouched recipe books and cookware sets. You probably bought them because you had aspirations to become the next Monica Geller, but in reality, you hate preparing food and are happy to eat out day and night.

You get the point. Your fantasy self isn't your true identity. It's an alter ego that's pushing you to buy space-consuming stuff you don't actually want or need.

Now from your kitchen, let's go to your bedroom and check your wardrobe. Too often, people's utopian views live inside their closets.

First, take everything out - socks and underwear included. By now, you should be aware of the clothes in which you look good and feel comfortable. Set them aside. Save them from the purge because they're the ones that reflect who you really are. They make up your signature style.

Look at whatever's left. Chances are, you purchased those shoes, clothes, and dresses on occasions you wanted to be someone different. You've used them once or twice, but you don't exactly love them. That's how you know if a piece of clothing belongs to your fantasy version's armoire instead of yours.


Practice self-awareness. It's never easy to let go of any dream of a "better" you. However, fantasizing isn’t a healthy part of self-improvement either. If you truly want to be like someone you look up to, embrace where and who you are now and take the necessary steps to get where you want to be. Cleaning your closet is a good starting point.

Purge Regularly

Decluttering isn't a one-off thing. Pare down once every 6 months to achieve a constantly well-ordered wardrobe. You'll also find the task less overwhelming if you do it little by little.

Final tip: Always remember that consistency is key. Even the best among the
modern closet designs in San Francisco, CA can't help organize your clothes if you fail to create and maintain good habits.

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