Trousers for Men — Definition, History, & Facts

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Since ancient times, trousers have been worn in the western world. At present, they are the most common type of lower-body outfit for men. Comfortable and practical, undoubtedly, Branded Trousers for Men have been adopted globally as part of men’s daily dress.



Trousers, also named Pants, lower-body clothing covering the body from the waist to the ankles. To define, historians sometimes describe that in case a part of clothing passed between the legs, it was this clothing’s ancestor. Thereby defined, Can be found in ancient times and were particularly common among equestrian people like the Mongols and Scythians.


Since robes are not comfortable for wearing on horseback, trousers were first invented. People who wore in battle had controlled those who wore robes. This is why civilizations globally chose this type of clothing for surviving battle. As per recorded reports, the first trousers were made by 6th Century BC Greek geographers. The comfort they offered from the prolonged period on horseback made trousers a practical option.

At first, trousers were a military outfit. They arrived in the type of loose-fitting trousers or snug shorts that closed at the ankles. They grew into tight trousers in the late 14th Century with attached foot coverings. Their proportions became more exaggerated by 1500. Trousers were ballooning, voluminous over the thighs, and finishing at the ankle.

Ultimately, these were reduced into easy breeches that tightened at the knee. Only it was during the 19th Century that we began seeing trousers like the ones men wear these days.

Essential Facts about Trousers

1. Have Been Worn for Centuries

Cotton Trousers for Men Online are not new. These pants have been around for longer than you might imagine. Some types have been in use since antiquity. The history of men’s trousers expands far above the 19th Century.

2. Were Made for Storage

When first made in 1870, jeans were sometimes made a bit longer for the express purpose of cuffing. This was because sometimes men wished their denim to hold their tobacco items. Now men’s trousers don’t require this additional fabric. It’s better to have them hemmed for a clean, crisp fit.

3. Trousers and Pleats

There are many types of pleats. Maximum men think that trousers come in either a pleated or a non-pleated variety. Now, a reverse pleat is more convenient due to the cinched, clean look it provides, facing the pleats’ opening away from the eye range of anybody in front of you.

4. Needed Suspenders

A belt’s use for keeping a pair of trousers up is a comparatively new method to wear them in a dressy manner. Now a casual appearance is a pair of shorts, without a belt. However, once suspenders or braces were the belt’s dressy form and still they are.

Now, branded trousers for men are fashionable and sleek, but men’s trousers’ history goes back beyond your imagination. After all, nothing is more timeless than great fashion!

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